Mommy Shorts is proud to partner with JOHNSON’S® to support Guncle’s Day, which celebrates the important role that many gay uncles— or guncles— play in the growth and development of their siblings’ and friends’ children.

Have you heard of Guncle’s or Gay Uncle’s Day? Well, it’s today! Guncle’s Day was started last year on August 14, 2016, when an Aussie bobsledder and proud guncle posted a pic of himself with his happy nephews on Instagram. Shortly thereafter, other celebs and influencers noted the day, including one of my favorite guncles— Anderson Cooper. One year later and August 14th is now known by many in the LGBTQA community as Guncle’s Day. Guncles are the gay brothers— or good gay friends— who have become a vital part of the happy, healthy development of the little ones in their lives.

As part of their commitment to and support for family inclusivity, JOHNSON’S® is partnering with The Family Equality Council which connects, supports, and represents the three million parents in the U.S. who are lesbian, gay,  bisexual, transgender and queer and their six million children. They are working together to promote National Adoption Month and supplying information to LGBTQ people who are considering adopting a child or currently going through the adoption process.

How should you celebrate? Share a pic of your children’s guncle on social media (using the hashtag #gunclesday) or tell us how he has influenced your children in the comments below this post. To kick things off, I’d like to introduce you to some of the proud guncles who work at the company that makes JOHNSON’S®, Johnson & Johnson: 

1. Robert and his niece Zhiara

What impact have you had on your niece’s life?

I’d like to think that as Zhiara grows up to be a beautiful, smart, and strong person that our relationship as Uncle and Niece is one of the positive relationships she’s had. But to be honest, I feel like she’s had more impact on me than vice versa. I consider her coming to my life as one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received.

What is the most memorable moment between you and your niece?

The first time she tried to run was when I took her and Grandma out on a staycation by San Diego. I was so excited to take videos to show my sister (Z’s mom). Bragging rights that I was there!

What’s the funniest thing your niece have ever said to you?

I asked her one time what she wanted for her birthday and she just said, with a little sass and not much facial expression, “Surprise me.”

2. Fidel and his niece Gabriella

What impact have you had as a guncle in Gabriella’s life?

My sister decided to start a family on her own and had my niece through IVF. I became my niece’s surrogate father. I was in the delivery room (albeit behind a curtain because I expected more blood and drama), I am my niece’s Godfather, her legal guardian in the event my sister should pass, and one of the male role models in her life; setting an expectation for her future relationships with men.

What is the most memorable moment between you and Gabriella?

One night at 4AM, Gabriella needed a feeding and I told my sister to go back to sleep and I would cover that night. I don’t know how parents do it, I was so tired and cranky the next day. It gave me a huge appreciation for what she was going through and for all new parents, especially my work colleagues.

3. Sagheer and his nephew JJ and nieces Sari and Ashleigh

What impact has Sagheer had in your children’s lives?

Sagheer has brought many different cultures into our lives through food, pictures, and letters. He has encouraged us to always expand our knowledge by taking us to museums, doing fun science experiments, and expanding our love of reading by buying us awesome books. I would rather have him as our Guncle than any other uncle.

What is the most memorable moment between you and your niece(s)/nephew(s)?

When they woke me and my husband up at 6 AM on Christmas morning!

4. Frederik and his nephew Marcel

What impact have you had as a guncle in their life/lives?

Marcel isn’t ‘just’ my nephew, he’s also my godson.

What is the most memorable moment between you and Marcel?

The above picture was taken last week when we went to an amusement park in the Netherlands. We had a super fun time. There is nothing he likes to do more than wear my sunglasses.

5. Matthew and his niece Shiloh

What impact have you had as a guncle in their life/lives?

Shiloh is my first niece. Before her, I had never properly held, bottle-fed or changed a newborn! I’ve been so fortunate to engage with her and watch her mature at various stages of her development—despite being on opposite coasts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get each time we FaceTime during dinner or see her in-person. More than my impact on her, she has had a tremendous impact on me—teaching me to love often and smile more…and share my snacks!

What is Shiloh’s nickname for you?

In Korean, an uncle is called Samchon (rhymes with balloon). Shiloh had a hard time saying that so, instead, she called me: Achoo (like a sneeze)! She still calls me Achoo…even though, when my sister asks her what my name is, she says: Matthew!

6. Scott and Paige, Elle, Liam, Kyle, Parker, Gertie, Trystin and Emily, Allison, Brendan, Ned, Matt, Katie and Marissa

What impact have you had as a guncle in their life/lives?

I am the one who gets to spoil them and have fun laughing!  As they get older, I am a sounding board for advice and a role model for working hard, focusing on achieving your goals and living and enjoying life each day.

What is the most memorable moment between you and your niece(s)/nephew(s)?

We host an all day event with something for all ages the day after Thanksgiving called the “Turkey Toss” that includes a scavenger hunt, basketball tournament, Christmas tree lighting, sing along and group family dinner.

What is the funniest thing your nieces and nephews have ever said to you?

We were at dinner after the Thanksgiving holiday and were discussing our plans to get married in Maui, HI.  My brother asked his son (my nephew who was five-years-old at the time) if he understood what we were talking about. He said “Yes. Love is love.” Children really do say the brightest things!


Please add to these stories by commenting below about the guncle in your life who has had a big impact on your child(ren). I’ll be picking some of my favorite comments to feature in a future blog post.

Have a Happy Guncle’s Day!