Kids are known for their brutal honesty, sticky fingers, and refusal to eat the food you put on their plate. What they’re not known for, however, is having even a rudimentary understanding of “personal space.” 

If you can’t turn around in your house without somebody running into your legs, you’re not alone. Ashley Gardner of Pleasant Grove, Utah, has four (count them, FOUR) 2-year-olds, so we can’t blame her for needing a Twizzler break because, as she points out, “They don’t ever go away! They want everything you have!”

Take your own 34-second break while you watch her video below. Then have a snack, and hopefully like Ashley, you’ll be able to use the sugar boost to offer up a high energy “HI!” when you have to open the door and face your kids again.

(And sorry, yes, you do eventually have to open the door.)

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