Last night was the Met Gala, where Hollywood, the fashion world and NYC elite come together to celebrate truly ridiculous outfits. At just five years old,  my daughter Harlow is also familiar with pushing the boundaries of fashion. Whether she’s rocking a neck purse (for practicality) or wearing her recital dress to the park (just because), she is constantly giving so-called trendsetters, fashion forecasters and bonafide celebrities a run for their money. All without the help of a stylist.

I mean, just look at Kate Bosworth (up top) at the Met Gala last night, copying an outfit Harlow wore a full year ago, right down to the head covering. While Kate’s veil harkens to the past, Harlow’s helmet is all about the future. I asked Harlow what she thought of Kate’s get-up and she said, “That’s so last summer.”

You might have seen a few of Harlow’s biggest fashion moments from the side-by-sides I’ve been posting on @insta2yearold lately, but there are SO MANY MORE.

It’s time to play the Harlow VS Hollywood version of  “Who Wore it Better?”

Harlow VS Saoirse Ronan

Harlow VS Rhianna

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Harlow VS Sia

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Harlow VS Kendall Jenner

Harlow VS Taylor Swift

Harlow VS Ariana Grande

Harlow VS Anna Wintor

Harlow VS Kate Hudson

Harlow VS Blake Lively

Harlow VS Audrey Hepburn

Harlow VS Rita Ora

Harlow VS Taylor Swift (again)

Harlow VS Kim K

Harlow VS Vanessa Hudgens

Harlow VS Paddington Bear

Harlow VS Gigi Hadid

Harlow VS Gwyneth Paltrow

Harlow VS JLo

Harlow VS Waldo

Harlow VS Lady Gaga (casual)

Harlow VS Lady Gaga (not so casual)

Harlow VS Shakira

Harlow VS Victoria Justice

Harlow VS FKA Twigs

Harlow VS Reese Witherspoon

“Who Wore it Better?” is a rhetorical question, obviously.

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