Like most kids, Mazzy and Harlow expect big things on their birthdays and presents on the holidays, which almost takes away the fun a bit for me. You know what I enjoy giving them the most? Little surprises that catch them off guard. Whether it’s in the form of a reward for good behavior or just as a way to show them I was thinking about them that day, nothing beats being able to give my kids an unexpected smile.

Earlier this month, the Kinder brand sent me a dozen Kinder Joy eggs to celebrate their launch in the United States. I’ve loved Kinder for a long time, so I was excited to introduce it to my kids.

The great thing is that Kinder Joy is not just a confection and not just a toy, it’s a little bit of both. You crack open the egg and each half contains its own surprise— something tasty to eat (with a little plastic spoon that comes inside too) and something to put together and play with.

Who likes which side most? I’ll let Mazzy and Harlow tell you in the video below.

I kind of wish I hadn’t shown them all twelve because then Mazzy and Harlow knew I had more to give out. “Can we have Kinder Joy again???” the girls yelled when they had friends over the next day.

“We’ll see…” I said, not guaranteeing anything.

Then later that afternoon when the girls were settled in, playing nicely together at the kitchen table and not asking for anything, I came up behind them and surprised them each with an egg.

Their surprised gasps of delight said it all.

I hid the rest of the eggs in my closet and plan to bring them out when Mazzy and Harlow least expect them.

And yeah, I saved a couple for myself.


This post is sponsored by Kinder Joy but Mazzy and Harlow’s joy is all their own.