So far the best I can come up with is "Whatchu talkin' about , Willis?" but I think you all can do better. Post your captions in the comment section below and I'll announce the winner by end of day tomorrow. Winner gets to share Charlie's dinner (but once you get the invite it's every man, woman and child for themselves).

UPDATE: Although Charlie's father weighed in and gave his vote to Jeff's caption, "I paid for 'All U Can Eat' and I'm gonna get All I Can Eat! Got me?!?" I must disagree and give it to whom I deem the clear winner, Claire. She wrote, "Never tell anybody outside 'The Family' what you're thinking again." Claire won for two reasons. 1) She gets originality points for deviating from anything food related. 2) Claire is Charlie's Aunt, which also makes her part of 'The Family' so I'm thinking picking her as the winner is in my best interest. Henry— I really liked your Indian food caption, but you know, I have to protect myself. For Mazzy's sake.