This video marks my 10th Vlog(!!!) and it is no joke. It wraps up the summer and there is a lot to cover. Which is one reason why, it is a few days late. Here’s the other reason.

We’ve got Mazzy’s Peter Pan recital (she wears pink for a limited time only!), Harlow’s Descendants 2 recap (anyone else have that movie playing on repeat at their house?) and the last day of camp.

But my favorite moments have to got to be— British Mazzy introducing Harlow as a “modeler” named Chloe Pop, Harlow doing a spot-on impersonation of me drinking wine and the video version of my favorite blog post this summer— Mazzy’s Weekend with Dad VS. Harlow’s Weekend with Mom.

I think the video gets across the true juxtaposition of the weekend even better than the photos.

Hope you enjoy!

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