Dad Philippe Morgese has decided to educate and empower other Dads about a very important, but challenging aspect of parenting: HOW TO DO GIRL HAIR.

Morgese became a single Dad to his daughter Emma when she was one year-old. As she grew, so did her thick head of hair, so Morgese invested some time into learning to braid and style.


Eventually, he got so talented he decided to run a free class out of a local beauty school so other dads could learn to do their daughter’s hair. The class was so popular that Morgese started a Daddy Daughter Hair Factory Facebook page as a resource for other dads who want to learn anything from a simple part to a complicated fishtail braid.


Morgues wrote on his page, “The first class was a success! 7 dads and daughters showed up to learn about hair. The commitment these fathers have is admirable. I’m so proud of you guys.”

I, for one, think this is an AWESOME idea and would like to sign Mike up ASAP.

Mazzy has a huge head of thick hair that cannot be left to its own devices. If it’s not braided or styled back, it will fall like a curtain in front of her face. If you’ve ever seen a picture of Mazzy with her hair down, chances are she is using her hand to hold her hair back from her eyes.

I’m pretty good at braiding Mazzy’s hair but on the rare occasion Mike is responsible, Mazzy ends up looking like Captain Caveman with a single barrette dangling at the bottom, holding on for dear life.

Mike would probably have better luck if he sucked Mazzy’s hair into a vacuum cleaner, which according to YouTube, is an option for the hair-challenged.

Check out this dad’s strategy for creating a quick and easy ponytail for his daughter.

A little gross, but EFFECTIVE!

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