In addition to being incredibly difficult, two-year-olds can also be aborably hilarious.

It's a good thing because otherwise, you might pawn them off on unsuspecting relatives and skip town. (I hear Helsinki is beautiful this time of year.)

Two-year-old humor is a lot different than one-year-old humor (remember when Mazzy told me I looked like Kerry Washington?) because it actually makes some degree of sense.

For instance, this morning Mazzy woke up and asked "Where's Daddy?" 

I reminded her that he is in Hong Kong for the week.

Mazzy's used to drinking her morning milk alongside her father and his cup of coffee, so understandably, her next question was, "Do they have coffee in Hong Konk?"

"Yes, babe. He can drink coffee in Hong Kong too."

Then, for the rest of the day, whenever someone asked where Mike was, Mazzy quickly chimed in, "He's drinking coffee in Hong Konk."

Here are seven more episodes of adorableness that made me momentarily forget about the terrible twos:

1. At a friend's house, Mazzy was trying to get the attention of their cat. She repeatedly screamed "COME HERE! COME HERE!" but the cat continued to ignore her. So she paused for a second and then screamed "¡Vámonos!" As if the cat wasn't listening to her because he spoke Spanish.

2. Mazzy has started imitating the noises adults make when they yawn. But her yawn impression is totally off. She'll say something like "I'm so tired", and then raise her arms above her head and roar like a lion.

3. The other day, I took Mazzy for ice cream. I thought we would get it to go but Mazzy insisted on getting a table. Once seated, she spotted her reflection in a mirror on the other side of the shop. Immediately, Mazzy stood up in her chair, brandishing a spoonful of ice cream and loudly shouted at the mirror, "HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'M EATING ICE CREAM!!!" As if she couldn't believe that she got to eat ice cream AND throw it in her closest friend's face. 

4. One of Mazzy's favorite shows is Curious George. The other day, she asked to watch it so I turned it on using Netflix. Then our conversation went something like this:

"No! I want George!"

"This is George."

"No! I want the other George!"

"You don't want to watch Curious George?"

"I want to watch George with George!"

Oh, I get it:


5. Mazzy discovered a porcelain bird over at Grammy's house whose leg had fallen off. Grammy told her not to touch it because it was broken. "It needs batteries?" Mazzy asked.

6. We were in the car and my sister gave Mazzy a stuffed bear to play with. "I don't want a bear!" yelled Mazzy.

"What do you want?" asked my sister.

"I want a cat!"

"Well, we don't have a cat in the car, we have a bear."

"Turn the bear into a cat!"

"You can't turn a bear into a cat," my sister explained.

To which Mazzy triumphantly answered, "ABBY CAN DO IT!"

Took us all a second to realize she meant Abby Cadabby and what was undoubtedly an important lesson taught at "Flying Fairy School".

7. A few weekends ago we were at zoo where we saw a family of bears sitting together. Mazzy yelled, "Look! It's a Mommy Bear, a Daddy Bear and a Mazzy Bear!"

Now. These all probably happened before a tantrum or after one of Mazzy's new pinching episodes but who can remember anything terrible in the face of SO MUCH CUTE?


What's the funniest/cutest thing your kid has done recently?