Just as soon as we got our kids to stop singing the Trolls soundtrack, Taylor Swift released a new song with lyrics simple enough for four-year-olds to memorize almost immediately upon listening. I know, because it got Harlow. She thinks the “dead part” is HILARIOUS.

But whoever the intended audience for Taylor’s revenge fantasy comeback, judging by the video, I’m guessing four-year-olds were not what she had in mind.

Parents on the other hand? Let’s me see… Vague threats? Thinly veiled anger? Dark under-eye circles? “Look What You Made Me Do” is totally our jam.

Deva of My Life Suckers conveniently put it all together for us in her latest parody, in which T-Swift’s diamond bath becomes a ball pit, and piles of dirt become piles of laundry. See, we’re not that far removed from the weird world of Taylor’s video! Parents might not have a grudge list, but we do have chore lists — and they’re definitely in red, underlined.

Personally, I think it’s all worth it for the very last line.

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