This post is part of the “Mommy Shorts Guide to Manhattan,” a series where I share all our favorite family-friendly spots in NYC.

So far in the Mommy Shorts Guide to Manhattan series, I’ve given recommendations for family-friendly activities to do in both the East Village and the Meatpacking District. I thought it would also be fun, when appropriate, to talk about pop-up shops or special events that are in town for a limited time only.

This weekend (or from now until Sunday night), that would be the Museum of Christmas, which I took Mazzy and Harlow to yesterday after school. It was Harlow’s birthday and what could be more fun for the Super Jew than an entire space dedicated to a Christmas countdown?

For full disclosure, the pop-up is brought to you by The Hallmark Channel. This post is not sponsored but I was hired to go there and post one Instagram photo (you can see it here). I just got SO MANY awesome photos and the kids had so much fun, I wanted to post them all.

At the Museum of Christmas, will you learn about the meaning behind Christmas and the birth of Jesus?

No, you will not.

What will happen then?

You will drown in a large pit of snowballs.

You will be saved by your sister.

You will swing from peppermint tire swings.

You will not be able to stop swinging long enough for your mom to take a picture of both you and your sister at once.

You will climb a huge pile of presents.

You will go back in the snowball pit for more.

You will go inside an infinity room of holiday lights.

You will dab for a photo even though your mom specifically told you not to.

You will take turns pretending to drive a sleigh.

You will pop out of stockings that are hung by the chimney with care.

You will go back in the snowball pit again when your dad shows up as a surprise.

You will make your mom come into the snowball pit too.

You will then pelt your mom with snowballs, even though they are not very soft.

You will refuse to get out.

You will go back in the infinity room again once you realize you are not in danger of falling through the floor.

And when it is all said and done…

You will collapse in an overgrown ornament.

The Museum of Christmas is located at 459 14th Street, which is a pretty popular space for kid-friendly pop-up events. It is open to the public from now until this Sunday night (11/19). If you have kids, you can spend at least an hour there while they hop from photo op to photo op. If your kids go back into the snowball pit and the holiday light infinity room five times like my kids, you can spend longer. But really, what this is, is a place to get some killer holiday photos for your Instagram feed. You should expect to see mine ALL MONTH LONG.

If you want more things to do in the area to truly make it all worth the trip, check out my family-friendly guide to the Meatpacking District for restaurants, the High Line, ice cream, ice skating and more!