Back in March, a reader named @caturra DMed me the pic above from a Portuguese Instagram account called @desideescoletivo, with the caption, “A tropical version of baby mugging?”

I loved it immediately (how could you not) and planned to take a pic with my friend’s new baby. Unfortunately, my friend informed me that her husband has an oddly strict no social media policy for their child. Buuuuttt…did you see the watermelon dress???? It’s so adorable! “Ilana, he won’t even let me post a pic on my personal facebook page.” Ah. Okay. Clearly we were dealing with a different kind of animal.

For whatever reason, I determined that my kids and even my 2yo niece Neve were too big to recreate the meme correctly and waited for a child from the under one set to present herself. Then last week, Ellen posted a baby with a watermelon dress and I was like— OH NO SHE BEAT ME TO IT!

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Then someone else informed me that @lelepons had posted her own version of a watermelon dress and this was a thing that full grown adults were doing too.

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Interesting. Seems, I didn’t need a baby to pull it off after all. Wait a second. How did I not think of this before? Who could rock a watermelon better than Harlow??

Harlow— put a little feeling into it, okay?

Too much feeling, Harlow!

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Mazzy got in the action too.

How about a little more flair, Mazzy?

Much better.

“Are we done yet, Mom?”

Okay, fine.

To my knowledge, no one has yet to coin a term for this new watermelon fashion phenomenon, so in the spirit of #babymugging and #babysuiting, I’m going to call it #babymeloning. Yes, you can do #babymeloning with kids and toddlers too.

Baby Meloning Instructions

1) Get a baby

2) Slice a watermelon into triangles

3) Take a bite out of the top

4) Place watermelon slice in front of baby so that bite mark lines up with your baby’s neck line

5) Take photo!

6) Post on Instagram using hashtag #babymeloning and tag @mommyshorts so I know I have permission to feature your baby in a post.

Happy summer!