Mazzy and Gavin have been friends since preschool, which means their younger siblings (aka Harlow and Luke, pictured above) have been friends since they were born. While Mazzy and Gavin have always been more like brother and sister, I think Harlow takes her relationship with Luke a bit more seriously.

My guess is that the combination of watching her big sister’s shows way before they are age-appropriate (like Mal and Ben’s romance in Descendants) and Harlow just being a girlie-girl who likes to act like a grown-up, has led her to think that Luke is a real life boyfriend.

Boyfriends being accessories every girl needs, just like purses.

Harlow and Luke attended the same preschool and last year, we would hear daily reports from their teachers about how sweet they were together in class. For instance, Luke always saved Harlow a seat next to him at lunch. Now, they go to different kindergartens, which has definitely shifted the relationship a bit. Just like with Mazzy and Gavin, Harlow and Luke no longer see each other on every day. In fact, there are rumors of another girl in Luke’s class. Harlow has a growing relationship with a boy in her class too.

Still, recently Harlow got a diary (she wanted one just like Mazzy) and began scribbling in it. When I opened it up, there was almost nothing legible except the letters “LK” in a heart. I have to think that “LK” is Harlow trying to sound out Luke.

I’ve also noticed that she turns a bright shade of red every time Mazzy teases her about marrying Luke (which is a lot) and she lights up every time he enters a room.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Seri and I have a tradition of taking our kids on a “date” after school. You can look back through the blog to find Mazzy and Gavins’s first date, Harlow and Luke’s first date, and a double date we did with all four of them last year.

This year, since Mazzy and Gavin would probably say “ewwwww” if we suggested a Valentine’s Day date, Seri and I opted to take Harlow and Luke on their own. We picked the kids up after school and met at a popular West Village restaurant called By Chloe, which is known for their delicious vegan cupcakes and baked goods.

I can’t even tell you how excited Harlow was for this date. Since she doesn’t see Luke as often as she used to, she was counting down the days. And obviously, she selected her favorite pink sequin dress to wear.

Look how happy she was to see him!

There are two hanging swings in the front entrance and they sat there together while they waited for their food.

Then they had a very healthy snack of fries and cupcakes.

I’m not sure what they talked about because they waved Seri and I away every time we got too close, but you could tell they were having a good time.

After fully ruining their dinner, Harlow and Luke suggested we stop at a playground they had spotted before we headed back home. It was freezing but they insisted.

I think they also knew it might be a week or two before they saw each other again.