Have you bought my book yet? If so, you can redeem your proof of purchase for your very own limited edition Mommy Shorts Book Mug!

This mug is available as a free gift for anyone who has pre-ordered “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting” or plans to order it before it’s official launch date of September 27th.


Pretty cool, right?

What can you do with your limited edition book mug?

1) Drink your morning coffee in it.

2) Drink your mid morning coffee in it.

You know, the one that you reheated in the microwave because you didn’t have time to drink the first cup.


3) Drink some tea while you patiently wait for your book to arrive.

4) Sip it while reading your book once it FINALLY appears on your doorstep.


5) Fill it with wine for a post bedtime treat.

6) Refill it after your kid comes out of her room to tell you she is not tired for the 500th time.

7) Partake in some official Baby Mugging!


8) Cry into your mug when you realize your babies are no longer babies.


Seriously. This mug is the perfect daily reminder that no matter how many parenting fails you experience in a day, you are still REMARKABLE.

At least to me. 

In addition to your free limited edition Mommy Shorts Book mug, you will also receive a “Proud to be a Remarkably Average Parent” sticker personally signed by me that you can stick on the inside cover of your book.

Which you already ordered. RIGHT????

Redeem your gift below! This order form can also be accessed at any time from my book page.

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