You know how we’re always encouraging our kids to get along and work together?

Well, you might want to reconsider that approach once you see this pint-sized conspiracy between a toddler and his baby brother, who bust out of a crib using a plastic chair, determination, and some serious climbing skills. That’s a little too much cooperation, if you ask me.

Parents Missy and Bryan Lanning have a popular parenting vlog, Daily Bumps, but this particular viral video was captured on the nanny cam. Even so, baby Finn managed to defiantly look straight into the camera for his close-up just before he made his escape into the arms of big brother Oliver, who, by the way, continually offers words of encouragement like, “You can do it, Finn!” Normally, any parent would find those words endearing, but I’m sure his mom wishes big brother would save that supportive attitude for when she’s trying to get Oliver to eat his mashed peas or something.

Speaking of mom, I can only imagine what went through her ming when she saw her toddler and “napping” baby stroll into the living room, hand in hand…and then finding a chair in the crib. ROLL THE TAPE!

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