When we first started putting together this month’s swag bag, I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be that exciting. Then yesterday morning, right before my Facebook Live, it all came together and I realized I was wrong. This month’s swag bag is HUGE!

If you missed my Facebook Live, I talked about our trip upstate (the travel vlog will go up on YouTube later today), the new watermelon Instagram craze (did you guys see Harlow in Time Magazine and on Live with Kelly & Ryan?!), and my brand new hair. Hello, summer highlights.

I have tentatively titled my Facebook Lives “Thursday Morning Live” (until someone comes up with something better) and they will be every Thursday at 11am EST. My goal next week is to do it ON TIME. When possible, I’ll give away a prize or two on the spot to someone watching. During yesterday’s Thursday Morning Live, Eric Poncho won a Black & Decker upright vacuum!

Alright. Onto this month’s swag. As always, you must subscribe to the Mommy Shorts daily or weekly newsletter to win. Instructions to enter will be in this Sunday night’s email.

The June Swag Bag:

1) Personalized Cheerios Box

You can have your name printed on your very own Cheerios box! Or your kids name! Or your coworker’s name if you want to freak them out. There’s even Cheerios inside. FYI, this is not available for purchase. You can only get it here. Is it just me or is this the coolest thing ever?

2) General Mills Prize Pack

The swag bag includes a massive bag filled with boxes of General Mills cereals, a bunch of cereal t-shirts, cereal socks, a cereal jacket, cereal bowls (including one that separates your milk from your cereal so nothing gets soggy), cereal cars, a recycled cereal box necklace, and OMG ALL THINGS CEREAL!!!

For an additional chance to win the General Mills prize pack + the personalized box, tag a friend under this Instagram video.

3) FabFitFun Summer Box

The FabFitFun Summer box is a seasonal subscription box filled with great stuff that will be sure to turn you on to a few new products. Each box is sold for $49.99 but is valued at $200 or you can buy a year’s subscription— 4 boxes for $179.99. Watch out for a blog post about FabFitFun next month.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the code “SHORTS” to get $10 off your first box!

4) Micro Kickboard

Yes… We are giving away ANOTHER Micro Kickboard! I don’t think I need to tell you again how much my kids LOVE them.

5) JĀSÖN® Personal Care Toothpastes

I’m giving away two of the JĀSÖN® Personal Care Simply Coconut toothpastes and two of the kid’s toothpastes. You can see the new video I made with the brand for @averageparentproblems here.

6) My Little Pony Gear

For the My Little Pony lovers out there, I am excited to include a Magical baseball cap and a set of Twilight Sparkle wings which, don’t worry, Harlow gave me permission to give away because she already has a pair.

7) Personalized Happy Map

You can personalize your Happy Map‘s city and color and choose whatever location is meaningful to you— spot you got engaged, your baby’s birthplace or that epic Spring Break vacation you got wasted and passed out in a pile of sand in Punta Cana.

8) Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookie season may be over but you can still get three boxes straight from Mazzy’s troop, otherwise known as the cookies I purchased so she could earn her incentive prize. Notice how there are no Tagalongs included. I ATE THEM.

9) Red Baron Cooler Bag

I went to a Red Baron Pizza event last month and came home with a few of these cooler bags, perfect for keeping pizza cool at the beach this summer. Uhhh…yeah. That’s my description and I’m sticking to it.

10) The Mommy Shorts Book, a Remarkably Average Mug & More!

As always, the swag bag will include a signed copy of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting (still 5 stars on Amazon) along with a Remarkably Average mug! The perfect gift for yourself or any parents or parents-to-be you know.

In addition to all the swag listed above, I always add a whole bunch of random items that I just happen to have a surplus of in the office. Like Babiators, Extra gum, Curel hand lotion, Revlon make-up and who knows what else. Just be sure— if you win, you’ll get a few surprises along with everything listed above.

Once again, the instructions to enter to win this month’s swag bag will be in my newsletter this Sunday night (Sorry, U.S. only!). If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe here.

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That’s it and good luck!


Congratulations to Chelsea Baker! Please email allie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize!