Before I begin, I want to introduce you to the bane of my existence, perhaps the most hated item in my entire house.

This is Mazzy’s favorite cup:

photo (37)

Mazzy starts every single morning asking for this cup. No other cup is acceptable. This has been the case for the past two years. She wanders out of her room, parks herself on the couch, watches about two minutes of whatever show I already have on for Harlow (who wakes up about a half hour earlier) and then says…

“Mommy, can I have nice and warmy milky in my cup please?”

Yes, she asks politely using all the right words, but you must imagine her saying it in a complete monotone. Like my daughter is a robot programmed to say “please” and “thank you”.

Which is pretty accurate.

If I don’t immediately sprint to the kitchen, microwave the milk to her preferred level of “warmy” (approximately one minute on high) and deliver it in her favorite cup ASAP, I will hear this:


If I attempt to deliver it in a different cup, I will hear this:


The object is to deliver her cup as fast as possible before the polite robot malfunctions. However, Mazzy’s favorite cup does not make quick delivery easy, for a variety reasons.

1) Mazzy uses her cup every morning so I will usually find it in the dishwasher. If the dishes are dirty, I must wash it by hand. If the dishes are clean, it will be spread out in four separate pieces (cup, lid, straw, weird rubber stopper thing) that I have to locate and assemble.

photo 2 (4)

2) Even though the cup looks large, it holds very little liquid inside. Also, because the straw is so wide, it displaces a lot of the milk once you put the pieces together, spilling milk out of the sides when you try to close the lid. You have to leave about two inches from the top to prevent spillage.

3) The lid never screws on correctly so I usually have to unscrew and rescrew more than once. There is also a Mommy Shorts patented Press-Down Move that makes the lid seemingly click into place at the end. But… even when I think I’ve got it right, the cup often drips on Mazzy once she tries to drink from it.


Then I take the cup back to the sink, unscrew the top, spill more milk out, rescrew the top (a few times) and then give it back.


Then I take the cup back to the kitchen again, open it up, wipe the screw cap and top with a paper towel to clear out any excess milk from spillage and try to pass it off to her again.

“Good” she says, as a satisfied glazed expression comes over her face and the milk trickles successfully down her throat.

Two seconds later the polite robot returns.

“Can I have MORE nice and warmy milky in my cup, please?”

Well, of course she wants more milk. Her cup of choice holds about a thimble full. So then, we have to go through the whole process all over again.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to convince Mazzy to use a different cup. I’ve even taken her to the store to pick out her own cup, but once we bring it home, she is not interested. It seems the trouble Mazzy’s favorite cup causes me is part of the appeal.

Cup transition problems have always been tough on Mazzy. We had a really hard time switching her from a bottle to a sippy. Then we heard sippy cups were bad for her teeth and had an even harder time convincing her to switch from a sippy cup to a straw cup. She’s four now and is perfectly capable of using a regular adult cup, but in the morning, when she first wakes up, she still wants her favorite cup.

Harlow has a totally different cup issue. She LOVES drinking from an adult cup. She would love more than anything to sip from a glass tumbler while she relaxes on the couch. But, as much as I like encouraging the use of grown-up drinking vessels, Harlow almost always spills it all over the place. She usually drinks water so I’m okay with water spilling on the couch, but judging by the shrieking, Harlow is NOT OKAY with spilling water on herself.

Enter the Miracle 360° Cup, a clever new product from Munchkin.

miracle 360 cup-3

This, my friends, is ABSOLUTE GENIUS.

The Miracle 360° is a plastic cup with a rubber screw top lid, but it is not a straw cup or a sippy cup. Your child can drink from anywhere around the rim, just like a regular cup, but get this— WITHOUT SPILLING. Drinking from the rim also helps support normal muscle development in a child’s mouth. The rubber part comes off the lid for cleaning, so there are no clear little pieces you are constantly searching for in the dishwasher. The cap screws on with one easy twist and it holds about twice as much milk as Mazzy’s infamous cup.

Harlow took to the Miracle 360° cup right away. She LOVES it. It makes her feel like I am finally letting her use a grown-up cup whenever and wherever she wants.

photo 1

She drinks from it on the couch, she drinks from it in the car AND she even takes a cup of water to bed with her for nap time. The bed thing seemed risky at first but it didn’t spill at all. I’ve even stuck it in my purse without a problem.

photo (36)

My sister came over with my one-year-old nephew and he took to the 360 immediately as well. “WHAT IS THIS???” my sister asked, “I NEED ONE!” That was a proud moment because my sister is usually the one who knows all the newfangled baby products.

photo 2

We got two Miracle 360° Cups (different color combos for each kid) but Mazzy has been a bit harder to tackle. She refused to even touch the new cup for the first two weeks we had it in the house. Then she started seeing Harlow drinking from hers and actually got mad when her little sister used the pink 360 instead of the blue one.

“The pink one is MINE, Harlow!”

“You won’t even try the cup, Mazzy,” I reminded her.

A few mornings later, Mazzy’s favorite cup was sitting dirty in the dishwasher.

“Nice and warmy milky in my cup, please.”

“Your cup is dirty, Mazzy.”

“Can you wash it in the sink?”

“Why don’t you just try the new pink cup.”


“Just try it once. If you don’t like it, I will wash your other cup. Did you notice it has a heart on the lid?”

Mazzy leaned over to inspect the heart embossed on the top of the 360 cup.

“Okay, fine.”

She put the cup to her lips and declared it “not working”.

“You have to suck the side a little, like you would a straw. It doesn’t just come out from tilting it back.” (I think this is more intuitive for a toddler than a kindergartener.)

She tried again and smiled.

“It’s working now.”

photo 1 copy 3

“See? Do you like it? Do you think maybe we could use it instead of your other cup from now on?”

“How about we can use the new cup when my other cup is dirty?”

“Alright. Deal.”

This is a big win in my house, folks. Trust me.

photo 3 copy


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