Earlier this week, I posted a pic of Harlow in a watermelon dress on @mommyshorts Instagram and tried to start a #babymeloning meme. Well, it seems the hashtag #watermelondress took off instead— which includes adults modeling watermelon too. In fact, the #watermelondress hashtag became so popular that later that same day, Harlow’s pic was featured in Time Magazine and then the next morning, on Live with Kelly & Ryan!

Do you know that nobody from these outlets asks permission to use your pics? I was as surprised as everybody else. Thanks to everyone who sent me the clip below!

Despite the popularity of #watermelondress (an idea that I did not come up with myself, to be clear), I still think #babymeloning is the better hashtag. For one thing, it doesn’t include a pic of Ryan Seacrest in watermelon underwear.

Here are my favorite examples of #babymeloning— the successes, the fails, and even a few variations. Thanks to everyone who submitted to the hashtag or DMed me pics!

23 #BabyMeloning Success Stories

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As much as a love a story with a happy ending, I also love these totally craptastic #babymeloning FAILS…

This kid doesn’t care for your Instagram memes:

This piece of watermelon is way too small:

This watermelon needs someone to take a bite:

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This kid is not feeling it at ALL…

This kid just wants to eat her watermelon as it was intended…

Then someone submitted what they call the “Chicago version” of #babymeloning which is a baby wearing a deep dish pizza. Obviously.

Actually, I think #babypizza might be the next big thing.


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I even did one with Mazzy.

Then my Stepdad Sam said, “How come I never get featured on your blog?” And I said, “Okay, fine.”

Submit your pics to #babymeloning and #babypizza (tagging @mommyshorts) and lets keep this going!

And make sure to follow @mommyshorts on Instagram in case I come up with something new.