I am not an organized person. Nope. That’s a fact. But every once in awhile, I see a post on Pinterest or I visit my mother and I think— I could do that! It’s not so hard to create a schedule or keep all your kids’ books in alphabetical order so you always know EXACTLY where to find Fancy Nancy.

Like, the time I came across the organization hack witchery below and thought— HOLY CRAP! That pool noddle boot trick is AH-MAZING. And where has that sock drawer trick with the felt been all my life??? I could totally do that!!!

It’s been about a month since I originally saw the video. Still haven’t acted on any of the hacks. Showing you guys in hopes maybe one of you would like to contemplate being clutter-free too.

Now someone please tell me what I should do with my shoes besides throw them all in one big pile at the bottom of my closet.

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