I sure we can all agree that moms and dads don’t get even a fraction of the credit they deserve, but chances are there are other unsung heroes in your house who (believe it or not) get even less recognition for their efforts. I’m talking about the family pets.

At the hands of drooling babies and devilishly curious toddlers, they endure tail pulling, leash yanking, fur grabbing, and even the occasional piggy back ride. Regardless, they respond with purrs, cuddles and protective snuggles on the couch. Okay, maybe there’s the occasional hiss or growl but it’s not like your kids notice, right?

Pets are basically furry siblings for your kids, except even better because they never have to compete for closet space or about who got the better Christmas gift. Some kids are lucky enough to become BFFs with their fur-brothers, but only a rare few become co-conspirators like little diaper-clad Maverick and his hairy pal, Leroy.

Maverick’s dad, Rob Herbert, posted this video with the caption, “When you need help…you find out who your friends are! (Until you don’t give them any food and then they leave you hanging!)”

Ain’t that the truth? I do a lot for my kids, but I think even I would draw the line at using my head as a ladder to get a snack.

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