I can think of no bigger buzzkill to a person’s college experience than having to share a dorm room with a child. Which sucks for Shasten Snellgroves, a junior at NYU, whose assigned roommate is the mother of a toddler who likes to spend the night.

Shasten, unsurprisingly, has requested a room change with campus housing but so far it has been denied. Apparently, having a guest (even one that's four) stay for an extended period of time is not against the rules.

Now. I’m a mom, obviously. And I’ll stand my maternal ground when any childless person rolls their eyes at my three-year-old appearing in a restaurant they deem too fancy for a toddler. But a toddler living alongside a twenty-year-old in a college dorm room? Even I think Shasten’s situation is unfair.

I can barely tolerate a three-year-old in my apartment and I gave birth to her myself.

But, if the ruling stands, and Shasten must continue to study/party in the presence of a four-year-old, I decided to find the bright side on Babble today.

Check out "10 Reasons a Toddler Would be a Great Roommate".

Reason #1?

He won't bring home any creepy strangers for random one night stands and start having sex with them while he thinks you are sleeping. And then you won't have to lie there not breathing until finally you can't take it anymore and run out of the room half-dressed to sleep in the study lounge with all the other college co-eds kicked out of their rooms… (read the rest here).

If that isn't enough to convince Shasten, she might want to read "Top 9 Things You've Said to Your Toddler that You Once Said to Your College Roommate" on NickMom today.


"If you're going to barf, just tell me so I can pull over the car in time." (read the rest here).

You see Shasten? Your experience will either be better or the same as everybody else.

Only difference is you might leave college never wanting kids.