Today, Harlow is wearing her big girl undies to school. Why today? Because it’s Shabbat. She wore them last Friday too. She did great! Then she refused to wear them the next day because according to her, she “only wears panties on Shabbat.”

I do not think this is what our Jewish ancestors had in mind when they deemed Shabbat a special time. It’s not the day of rest. It’s the day of going diaper-less.

Today, Harlow is also wearing gold shoes, a necklace, a cat watch and about ten rings. Apparently, Shabbat is the day of dressing like a miniature Liberace too.

As an update, our family has stayed true to our new Shabbat tradition and we have been celebrating every Friday night with candles, challah, wine/grape juice and dinner all together as a family. Sometimes we are on our own and sometimes my sister’s family comes too. Once we didn’t have time to cook dinner at home, so we celebrated out at a restaurant. Now whenever Harlow passes the East Village Japanese restaurant called “Sake,” she shouts, “That’s the Shabbat restaurant!”

Every Friday, Harlow lead us in the prayers over the bread and wine. In Hebrew. We let her lead because in all seriousness, she knows them better than the rest of us. She continues to sing Shabbat songs regardless of the day and we feel pretty certain she will have mastered the four questions by Passover.

The Super Jew will not disappoint.

In case anybody doubted Harlow’s excitement about Friday night, here is a special “Shabbat Shalom” sang straight from my three-year-old’s mouth.

I hope everybody has a great weekend and a restful Friday night in their big girl panties!