If you’ve been following along here or hanging out with me on Snapchat, you guys already know that Harlow sings. Constantly. She sings old Hebrew songs, she sings while she makes pancakes, she charms the other bus passengers with her (loud) melodies and, um, inventive lyrics.

That’s why when I saw 2-year-old Violet belting out the Alphabet Song like an ultra-theatrical mini Ethel Merman in a mermaid shirt, I knew I’d found Harlow’s musical soulmate. Or Mazzy’s soulmate, since she sang a similarly dramatic ABCs rendition when she was a baby.

The video, posted to Facebook by her mom, Christina Ogea, has been viewed over 5 million times (and only about 100,000 of those were from me).

Christina told The Huffington Post that Violet learns songs by Christina singing her to sleep every night; no word on whether Christina belts them out at bedtime in that same intense vibrato, and if so, how on earth Violet could fall asleep during such a performance. Maybe I’ll ask her, if our kids ever get together for a duet…er, I mean play date.

Watch Mazzy’s version, which I have entitled “ABCs on Crack” here.


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