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Harlow sings while she does pretty much everything, especially when she is in the kitchen. She doesn’t need music either. She just makes up her own songs. For instance, it’s pretty much a given that while Harlow is mixing, she will break out into the “Mixing Song.”

Here’s the extended version of a video I put on Instagram a few months ago (which somehow got 14.4K likes and 393K views making it my most popular Instagram ever by far). It was Harlow practicing making pancakes the day before Mother’s Day. So she’s singing about making the pancakes for me and Grammy, when she’s actually making them for Mike and Mazzy.

The best part (the part that I couldn’t fit into the Instagram cut) is when Harlow hears Mazzy and Mike coming downstairs. She turns around and stands very still so that she can surprise them with the pancakes.

As we know, parents can’t see kids if the kids can’t see them, right?

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