ilana wiles

Some of you have already seen it (I hear it’s on Hulu!), but if you haven’t, Mazzy, Harlow and I are featured in a video for Aetna. In it, I play the role of a single mom trying my best to get through the day.

No, I’m kidding. Mike wasn’t there because he happened to be away for work, but this actually worked out, because my husband is more than happy to leave the on-camera stuff to me and the girls.

The video is for Aetna’s #takeamoment campaign and follows me around for the day while I talk about how I balance work and family, along with a few mindful moments that let the stress of the day fade to the background. Working with Aetna helped me see where I find the time to #takeamoment (during our morning commute, oddly enough) and what that moment means to me.

If you are curious, yes, that’s really my office and the conference room might look fancy, but I share it with about 300 people. You also get to see part of the Mommy Shorts team— Cara, who manages my brand partnerships and Andy, my literary agent.

The video mixes in a few home videos I have of the girls and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. Check it out!

If you like the video, please tell me how and when you #takeamoment in the comments below! It doesn’t have to be with your kids. Just a time in your day when you feel present and can focus on enjoying life, with family or by yourself.


I am working with Aetna for their Take A Moment campaign. This post is sponsored by Aetna, but all opinions expressed are my own.  Aetna believes health is about the body and the mind. Stress can affect emotional and physical health – and reducing stress can boost holistic wellbeing.