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Photo Contest: $250 Target Gift Card + Seventh Generation Products

Last month, we gave the “Mess of the Month” to a little girl who brushed her hair with powder and water. This month we’re giving it to a mess that didn’t need a scissor to clean it up. I’m thinking a little all-purpose cleaner did the trick.

Well, let’s be honest. A LOT of all-purpose cleaner.

I put the two biggest messes I found (see above) in head-to-head competition on the Mommy Shorts facebook page and the kid who thought his crib needed a smoother, more blemish free complexion got the most votes.

That means the make-up artist’s mom is taking home a $250 Target gift card and a whole mess of Seventh Generation cleaning products, just in case her son decides the bathroom floor could really use a fresh coat of mascara.

Who were the other contenders this month?

1) The kid who thought it would be fun to break all the eggs on the floor and then do a dance in chocolate syrup


2) The kids who poured out all the styrofoam packing material


3) The kids who redecorated their living room with a splash of cinnamon


4) The kid who coated his toys in diaper ointment


5) The kid who’s baby powder experiment didn’t work out as expected


6) The kid who covered her hands in blue ink so she could leave proper fingerprints on the wall


7) The kid who destroyed the entire pantry by pouring whole wheat flour on the floor and possibly overturning a piano


8) The kid who tried to feed the dog


9) The kid who loved shredded cheese so much, she tried to set it free


10) The kid who disappeared into a huge pile of toilet paper


11) The kid who covered the couch in peanut butter


12) The kid who thinks floor taste better with a little whip cream


13) The kid who didn’t understand that lipstick is really just meant for your lips


14) The kid who got just a tiny bit of dirt on her face


15) The kids who thought mom’s idea to use a cupcake tray for the paint was cute but a little too inside the box


16) jkThe kid who finally completed his transition to full-on purple minion

FullSizeRender (2)


17) The kid who thought his snack would taste better off the floor


18) The kid who grew cocoa powder beard

FullSizeRender (1)

19) The kids who took playing in their crib at nap time to a whole other level


And the winner is…

average parent problems 644a

Congratulations! Please contact to claim your prize.

Want to win the Next Mess of the Month?

The next time your kid makes a massive mess, grab your camera before you grab a boatload of paper towels and stick your kid in the bath. We’ll actually be focusing on clothes and laundry messes next month, so please submit anything where your kid made a mess of their clothes, your clothes or any clothes. Ridiculously large piles of laundry work too.

To enter, post your photos on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or hashtag them #messofthemonth on Instagram. Make sure you tag and follow @mommyshorts and @seventhgeneration you’ll be eligible to win a $250 Target gift card and a basket of Seventh Generation products, including all their household spray cleaners. You can see the full rules here.


Seventh Generation All Purpose Natural Cleaner cuts grease and grime without any harsh solvents that pollute our air. Their non-toxic Tub & Tile Cleaner is made with plant-derived cleaning agents and scented with essential oils. Their Glass & Surface Cleaner uses a plant-based formula that removes streaks without harsh fumes. All perfectly safe cleaning agents to have around your kids, particularly if you want them to help clean up their own messes.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Can’t wait to see another month of messes!


This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation but all messy kids are your own.