Whenever I take photos, I angle the camera toward the couch. The couch being the last bastion of adult civilization in my otherwise toy-overrun apartment.

I flulff and organize those throw pillows daily, so that my brain can pretend my living room looks like the photo above and my sanity remains in tact.

You will almost never see a picture of the opposite end of the room. Because it looks like this:


We might clear the coffee table of assorted blocks and slices of bread, but the toys have made their permanent home in Mazzy's most-frequented corner.

The unphotographed end of the room is where the Sesame Street and Disney figurines live as well as the shelfless books and the homeless toys.



(Although, I have to hand it to my daughter. She keeps her Sesame Street characters meticulously arranged.)

The most beloved toys and books never find their way back into those two lovely upholstered toy storage benches I had made before Mazzy was born.

Nope, these toys stay out and within reach at all times.


Yes, we clean-up but it's more in a "let's make a neat pile" kind of way as opposed to a "this belongs in the closet" deal.

Thankfully though, my living room is not as bad as Samantha's living room (pictured below) which is why she'll be winning the Toydozer giveaway to help her sort that shit OUT.


Well deserved, Samantha!

Although, I'm not sure if this area is a downstairs playroom and there is in fact, an upstairs living room worthy of a spread in Elle Decor… in which case, I may revoke your win on account of square-footage-envy, SO DON'T TELL ME.

The other Toydozer is going to Betsy (selected at random) who says she needs it to help put away the endless supply of wooden food that never seems to stay anywhere near the mini-kitchen.

6a0133f30ae399970b0167645c494a970b-500wiMay clean-up time be more fun and more frequent for you both!

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I hope everyone has an excellent holiday weekend. If you are celebrating Easter, may your kids find lots of eggs and avoid being trampled by overzealous parents.

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Happy Holidays!

— Mommy Shorts