Baby Shaming continues to be a “hot topic” thanks to a feature on The Today Show over the weekend.

I was a little disappointed Lester Holt did not call me for comment, but apparently, the piece had nothing to do with me “shaming” Mazzy and was all about a dad who posted a picture of his three-year-old daughter on facebook with a sign hanging around her neck about pooping in the shower.

The Today Show folks did not see the humor in the event, so much so that they questioned it’s effectiveness as a form of punishment. “The child can’t even read!” a stunned Jenna Wolfe declared.


It’s not discipline. It’s a joke. SHEESH.

I do feel it’s important to draw some line as to what is and what is not appropriate. I am going to call it “THE DEFECATION LINE”. I can definitely see a three-year-old girl being embarrassed at some point in the future knowing the internet is aware of her past as a shower shitter.

With that in mind, I have sorted through the reader-submitted baby shaming photos and left out the ones having to do with peeing, pooping, farting and sharting. I don’t believe any of the incidents featured below will ever truly embarrass a child.

Although, I thought embarrassing your children was half the point of being a parent…









and still my favorite…


I’m sure they are all very sorry.


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