Mess of the Month!

Last month, I asked everyone to upload their kid’s biggest messes for the chance to be awarded the official title of “Mess of the Month” along with a $250 Target gift card and a boatload of cleaning products from Seventh Generation.

Because I’m sure you still need them to clean up that mess. Especially if that mess involved glitter.

These are the messes that happen when you leave the room for a moment to go to the bathroom. When you think the milk is in the fridge when in reality it’s sitting on the kitchen table with the cap off. When you decide to sleep in and think— what’s the worst that can happen if you let your kids fix their own breakfast and roam freely about the house?

Oh, I don’t know…

1) They can pour Cheerios all over the floor


2) They can steal daddy’s shaving cream


3) They can figure out how to remove all the refrigerator shelving


4) They can have some fun with a jar of Aquaphor


5) They can pull every item of clothing out of their dresser


6) They can cover their faces in blood, I mean— lipstick


7) They can cover their face in diaper cream


8) They can flood the upstairs bathroom so badly, you have to redo your ceiling


9) They can pour baby powder all over their bedroom


10) They can draw all over themselves with permanent markers


11) They can dump out a box of tiny styrofoam balls


12) They can eat goldfish straight off the floor


13) They can pour out a bottle of laundry detergent and make a really lame attempt to clean it



14) They can dip their hands in chalkboard paint


15) They can pour flour all over your kitchen


16) They can use easter basket filling as confetti


17) They can dump out an entire gallon of milk


18) They can go goth for the day with a little help from your mascara


19) They can slather their body in Nutella


20) They can take your sensory box and overturn it


21) They can turn themselves into a human canvas


And finally the “Mess of the Month” who beat out human canvas in a head-to-head competition on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page is…

22) They can cover their wet head with baby powder and then try to get it out with a curling brush


I hope since this poor girl probably no longer has any hair, she can feel much better knowing that her mess just earned her a $250 Target gift card and $50 basket worth of Seventh Generation cleaning products.

Whenever a kid makes a mess, the very first thing they have to do is wash their hands and obviously after getting their hands into god knows what, you want to make sure you’re giving them something safe to clean themselves with.


Seventh Generation’s natural hand wash is made with a gentle hypoallergenic formula of plant-based cleaning ingredients that leave hands soft and refreshed. It has no triclosan, dyes or phthalates. It comes in five flavors – Lavender Flower & Mint, Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit, Hibiscus & Cardamom, Black Currant & Rosewater and our Free & Clear unscented. Plus, their newly designed bottles are made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and look pretty in any bathroom or kitchen countertop.


Except if your countertop is covered in diaper cream. Then you are on your own.

If you want to win next month’s “Mess of the Month” for another $250 Target gift card and basket of Seventh Generation product, post your photos on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or hashtag them #messofthemonth on Instagram. Make sure you tag and follow @mommyshorts and @seventhgeneration to win!

You can see the full rules here.

Can’t wait to see another month of messes!


This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation but all messy kids are your own.