The other day, Mazzy told me she has six weeks left of school. HOW IS IT THE END OF APRIL ALREADY??? As much as I hate time flying by at breakneck speeds (my kids are getting so big so fast!!!), the good news is… it’s time to see what I’ve got in this month’s swag!

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What’s in the box?

1) The Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy


My new go-to baby shower present is the Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy, which includes all the items soon-to-be moms totally don’t realize they need, like the NoseFrida (aka the Snot Sucker), the Fridet (aka the Momwasher), the Windi (aka the Gaspasser) and the Snipper Clipper. Fridababy’s motto is “The Fuss Stops Here” and in the midst of opening boxes of perfectly pale pink onesies and baby moccasins, a kit acknowledging the realities of what’s in store makes for an EXCELLENT mom-to-be reaction. TRUST ME.

2) Can I Eat That?


You’ve probably seen us reading this book on Snapchat because it has recently replaced “The Book with No Pictures” as Mazzy and Harlow’s favorite. “Can I Eat That?” written by Joshua David Stein and illustrated by Julia Rothman is my new favorite too because it’s fun to read, educational, and might even teach your kids to be more adventurous eaters.

3) Everest the penguin from Cuddle + Kind


Cuddle + Kind recently sent us a few of their adorably large hand-knit dolls. I let Mazzy and Harlow keep two of them— Maximus the Cat and Willow the Deer (see photo up top) and I’m offering up Everest the Penguin to you guys. Everest is a little overdressed for April but still super cute. The best part about Cuddle + Kind is that with each doll purchased, ten meals are donated to kids in need.

4) Elsa and Anna


If your kids are still obsessed with Frozen like mine (Harlow has already begun planning her Frozen themed party for her birthday in November), then they will obviously love the Classic Elsa and Anna dolls from Hasbro.

5) Ladybug Hamper


Speaking of Frozen, remember when Mazzy won the Ladybug Pop-up Hamper in the raffle at the Frozen singalong? I convinced her to donate the hamper to a more worthy cause than cluttering up our already very cluttered apartment.

6) War Machine mask and Ant Man costume


If you haven’t seen Mazzy dressed up as Captain America yet, I highly recommend. Target sent us a ton of Marvel merchandise to promote Captain America: Civil War and my office is currently buried in it. This month, I’m giving away the War Machine mask and the Ant Man costume. Next month, I’ll be giving away a bunch more.

7) Babiators


Babiators are Harlow’s sunglasses brand of choice. They are durable, flexible and come with a one year guarantee. They’ll even replace them if your kid loses them. I’m including both a big kid pair and a little kid pair in this month’s swag.

8) I Want My Epidural Back


My good friend Karen Alpert (aka Baby Sideburns) is one of the funniest people alive and this past month, she came out with her second book— “I Want My Epidural Back.” If you are looking for a super fun read that will make you laugh about your parenting skills (or lack thereof), this book will not disappoint. You can also enter to win her book here.

9) Beautycounter Baby Wash


Beautycounter makes products with only the best and safest ingredients, which is why their philosophy translates so well their new line of baby products. I’m including a bottle of their baby gentle all-over wash.

10) Cow Socks


You know how you buy your friends and family souvenirs when you travel? I bought you guys a pair of cow socks on our Park City ski trip. Why cow socks? I have no good reason. I just really thought you’d like them.

11) Born Sandals


Last week, I posted about the beauty of “selfeet” while wearing shoes from Born. In addition to my selection, Born happened to send along this pair of Size 9 sandals so I thought I’d throw one pair in the box. If you don’t have big feet like me, maybe you know somebody who does? You can also find an exclusive offer for 15% off all Born shoes at the bottom of this post.

12) Apple Park Plush Baby Boy


Apple Park Kids recently came out with a whole bunch of new products including an adorable plush baby girl and boy. This organic doll made with all-natural materials comes with a removable onesie and diaper and is the perfect gift to prep a soon-to-be big sibling before the new baby arrives.

13) Mommy Shorts Mug


This amazing Mommy Shorts 8 oz. mug holds water, coffee, ice cream or your alcoholic beverage of choice with an 100% spillproof design, as long as you don’t turn it upside down.

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