As someone who spends a lot of time on Instagram, I probably take more photos of my feet than the average person. Here’s my feet on a beach, here’s my feet in a pile of confetti, here’s my feet with my “I Voted” sticker, etc.


Sometimes nothing tells a complete story better than a selfeet. Plus, it puts me in my photos even when I’m not in the mood to show my face.

Instagram selfeet are nothing, however, compared to the amount of video selfeet I find myself taking on Snapchat. Like most New Yorkers, I walk everywhere so it’s fun to use my feet walking (at 2x the speed) to transition from one location or event to the next.

I don’t buy a ton of shoes anymore and none of them are fun, so over the winter, you could pretty much count on me wearing the same (very practical) black boots every day. Coupled with black pants or jeans and it gets boring really fast. I also have a pair of blue suede boots but every time I snapped myself walking in those, my feet looked like they belonged to a Smurf— and not a very stylish one.

All this is to say that when Børn shoes sent over their lookbook for their Spring Collection and told me to pick some out, I was all over it.

“BØRN SHOES????!!!!” (That’s Abby who works part time in the Mommy Shorts office.) “I LOVE BØRN SHOES!! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!!!!”

Easy, Abby. I get it.

Once I got over the fact that a company actually wanted to give me shoes as opposed to my children, I picked out eight pairs (you can see all my selections here) and when they arrived, it was like Shoe Christmas in my office. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such an exciting package. And yes, that includes care packages full of Oreo cookies and Pringles sent by my parents back in sleepaway camp.

A few days later, I arranged for Abby to photograph me wearing four different pairs of the shoes. I was supposed to bring a few outfit changes to the office that day, but true to form, I forgot. I have two kids to get to school on time in the mornings, okay? It’s hard enough to put together one outfit, let alone FOUR.


I decided the Bevi shoes looked great with the outfit I was wearing currently and put them on to walk back to my apartment. I was a little worried about walking such a big distance in heels but they were lightweight and easy to walk in.


Abby came along with her camera, which is always a very funny thing. Especially for someone used to being behind the camera. It feels a little silly to have someone photograph me all by myself.

At my apartment, I put on another outfit, paired with the Cindie shoes and walked over to Seri’s place.


Again, I was really impressed with the level of comfort, especially from a wedge sandal. My arch felt supported and the heels didn’t clomp down in that way that you expect from wedges.


Once at Seri’s, I changed into yet another outfit paired with the Tami ballet flats, which are usually more my speed.


They looked awesome with my newest obsession— wide leg jeans.


Then I changed again into a black and white outfit before we went back to my office. I paired that with the Richie red sneakers which were a really fun pop of color.


They looked EXCELLENT walking on Snapchat, I must say.


None of this was in the original plan, but it actually made me walk exactly how much I would on a normal day and I realized— YES! Abby is right! Born Shoes are really comfortable!

Not only is the leather soft and durable, Børn Shoes feature traditional Old World hand-stitching and finishing techniques that use less glue and allow for great flexibility. They have a dual density foam cushion which supports your arch, allowing you to run around all day without having to even think about changing your shoes. And they totally upped the fashion quotient of my usual wardrobe choices and got me excited to step up my look this Spring.


In the end, I loved the photos. I tend to shy away from the camera more as I get older and seeing these photos made me think I should stop doing that. I have this image in my head of this horrid wrinkly old face because that’s what I always see when I flip the camera into selfie-mode on Snapchat. I’ll have something funny I want to say but then I don’t because “ACK!!!!! I LOOK HIDEOUS!!!!”


Anyway, seeing the photos Abby took really made me rethink how I feel about my appearance. I look older but that doesn’t necessarily mean BAD. And I try to remind myself that I’ve never been satisfied with my appearance so maybe now is the time to finally embrace it.


So yes, this is a post about selfeet. But it also made me realize that a photo of myself, by myself, (no kids, imagine that!), is a nice thing to take sometimes too.


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This post was sponsored by Børn shoes, but the fact that I’ve been wearing my new shoes almost every day since this photo shoot, is completely my own decision.