Like most toddlers, two-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan Balkin love performing complex tumbling routines on precariously stacked couch cushions. Unlike most toddlers (I hope), they like to practice their routines in the middle of the night. This means two things: 1) their antics were caught on the night-cam in their bedroom, and 2) their parents must be very, very tired.

As you’ll see, Mom and Dad make several appearances to get the kids back in their cribs, but to no avail. I have to say, what scares me most is not the climbing and tumbling, it’s the breaks they take to conspire on the couch.

Check how the entire evening went down in hyper speed:

After this video went viral on Facebook, their dad told news outlets that the boys had been at that routine for the past three months!

So, if you see these poor parents on the street somewhere, please buy them some coffee. 


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