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You know you’ve reached middle age when you realize there is more technology out there than you can possibly keep up with. I feel pretty good that I took the Snapchat plunge but every day I learn about new apps and devices out there that I don’t understand and probably never will.

Thanks to Joseph Griffin, I know I’m not alone. Joseph’s son, Evan, gave him his GoPro to use on a recent trip to Las Vegas so his dad could record all his sightseeing adventures.

Hilariously, Joseph accidentally filmed the entire trip in selfie mode(!) and didn’t discover his mistake until he handed the camera back to his son after he had returned home.


Evan edited the video below together so we could all have a good laugh at his dad’s expense.

Don’t feel too bad for Joseph Griffin though— supposedly The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is flying him and his son back out to Vegas so they can document the sights properly.

Maybe this time they’ll decide to Snapchat it instead!