For every quintessential first day of school photo posted on Facebook or Instagram, there are 50 other photos of that same kid looking less than thrilled about his/her upcoming school year.

Case in point. Harlow’s first day of school was this morning and she refused to put her sign lower than her face. I ended up taking the sign with us on our walk to school and tried again later on the street.

She got it about halfway down.

I asked you guys to submit your back to school bloopers for the chance to win a $250 Amex gift card and a prize pack from Mini Babybel. As I suspected, the outtakes tell a much truer story than the photos that made it to Instagram.

Here are 41 ways a first day of school photo can go wrong:

1. Your kids are not even a little bit excited about their first day of school.

Julie Rinaldi‎

2. Your kid heard they do bad things to puppies there.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.47.41 PM

3. Your kid looks like she might hurt you in your sleep if you send her to pre-K.

Abby 'Oswald' Risic

4. Your kid doesn’t want to have anything to do with your fancy sign.

Renee Lee‎.jpg2

5. Your kid thinks she is catching flies.

Sarah Ganong

6. What is it with sticking out tongues in first day of school pics?

Stacie Leatherberry

7. It’s Better than butt wiggling, I guess.

Amber Ott

8. Your youngest is really mad he’s old enough to go to school.

Kathryn Boeck Christensen

9. your youngest is really mad she’s not old enough to go to school.

Corinne Marie

10. Your youngest is so mad, she photobombs her big sister’s shot.

Cassandra McManus Collamore

11. Speaking of photobombers…

Kelley Marie Schmidt

12. One more super stealthy one…

Anne Cone

13. Your kid won’t stand still long enough to get a shot in focus.

Robin Villi

14. Your kid won’t even come outside.

Beth Melamed Pierce‎

15. You need to put your half-dressed husband in the shot so everyone cooperates.

Starr Harrold Ward

16. Your kid insists on wearing his favorite winter hat in 90 degree heat.

Jamie Wallace

17. Your kid thinks school starts too goddamn early.

Katie Rojas

18. Your kid won’t get up off the floor.

Jennifer D'Agostino Antonucci

19. there is no way in hell your kid wants to begin her school career wearing matching outfits with her big sister.

Laura Clevenger

20. Your kid refuses to look at the camera.

Shelley Richelson Stein

21. Your kid would rather look at his own reflection.

Bridgett Thayer Feit

22. Your kid won’t stop making frowny faces.

Crystal Millikan Hilton

23. Your kid won’t stop covering his face.


24. Your kids won’t stop acting like zombies.

Sarah Moser Tucker

24. Your kid keeps flashing his nipple.

Alison Dunne

25. Your kid was not paying attention to the calendar and this first day of school stuff totally caught her off guard.


26. Your kid hasn’t quite mastered a natural smile.


27. Your kid does not trust his sign.

Suzanne Larvey

28. Your kid trusts no one.


29. Your kid reverts back to her pacifier.

Kristy Hansbro

30. Your kid looks so adorably excited, you don’t want to leave him EVER.

Leigh Klatsky Alexander

31. Wait. Why are they so excited to leave you???


32. On second thought…

Lisa Seidel Inversin

33. Your kid is SO over the picture taking thing.

Katie 'Bergrud' Ponting

34. Your kids tear up their signs in a grand show of rebellion which terrifies you for the teenage years.

Misty Carver

35. Your kids refuse to pick up their huge Frozen backpacks, even though they picked them out themselves.

36. Your kid hates his new classmates.

Julie Roberts Fink

37. Your kid refuses to go in the classroom.

Kate Mullaney

38. Your kid just realized Woody is not in his class this year.


39. Your kid just realized he’s be sitting at a desk all day.


40. Your kid is like— “Mom, why are you still here? Get out already.”

Kenita Manning Pruitt

41. Your kids are like- “We’re too old for this. We’re going to the mall after school. Don’t wait up!”

Melissa Ford


And the winner of the $250 Amex gift card and prize pack from Mini Babybel goes to @jennchase, who snapped this awesome photobomb of her 1st grader Ella getting hazed by an underclassman.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.01.04 PM

Congratulations Ella! Please give some of your Mini Babybel winnings to your little sister so she feels a little better about being trapped at home.

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I admit, I love unwrapping it too.

I hope everyone’s kids have a great year ahead of them with a lot more opportunities to “say cheese”. Class photos are right around the corner and you don’t want them to mess those up like they did last year!


This post was sponsored by Mini Babybel, but all first day of school photo fails are your own.