The countdown is on. Mazzy has 6 days to her first day of school and Harlow has 9 days. Last week, I talked about how silly it was that so much of the country goes back to school mid-August but then people were like, “We might be silly but we get to vacation in May and June before it gets unbearably hot.”

Touché, my Southern and Western friends. Touché.

I asked everyone to submit their kid’s class pictures so I could create the mini version of Senior Yearbook Superlatives. Not only would you have your kid’s picture judged and captioned on the web forever, you’d get the chance to win a $250 Amex gift card and a large supply of Mini Babybel cheese to stick in your preschooler’s lunchbox!

Here are 40 kids who will be forever honored in the Mommy Shorts Preschool Yearbook.

Most likely to hang out with the teacher on the weekends:


Most likely to scare the teacher into dropping the homework assignment:


Most likely to talk non-stop about her trip to Disney World:


Least likely to stay seated during circle time:


Most likely to lose the class hamster:


Most likely to channel Reese Witherspoon’s character in Election:


Most likely to have a crush on the teacher:


Most likely to pull hair on the playground:


Most likely to be captain of the cheerleading squad:


Most likely to be found in the J.Crew catalogue:


Most likely to skip class to go surfing:


Most likely to move to alaska:

Laura Russell

Most likely to claim the cat ate his homework:

Julie Rinaldi‎2

Most likely to bring that bear with him to college:


Biggest heartbreaker:

Meghan Wright Kohles

Most likely to break the heartbreaker’s heart:

Christy Costlow

most likely to start a nightclub in the cafeteria after hours:

Susan Elizabeth O'Leary

most likely to be your boss one day:

Jeseca Stricklin

Most likely to fake an injury to get out of gym class:

Jennifer Lilley Eisenstein

Most likely to rescue a cat from a burning building:

Kim Mcgarvey Knoblauch

Most likely to be your daughter’s new hipster boyfriend:


Most likely to win the science fair:

Lauren Sebald Noll‎

Most likely to major in “Brooding”:

Heather Perling Blank‎

Most likely to try out for the cast of Newsies:

Becca Stokes

Most likely to start a hair tutorial channel on YouTube:

Katie Rose

Most likely to start a business with stolen lunch money:

Brianna Malm

Most likely to retire on a desert island:

Jennifer Scheffel

Most likely to marry the prince of monaco:

Kyra Draves Sosna

Most terrified of the real world after preschool:

Marlana Sirls2

Most likely to fall asleep during finals:

Jessica Carpenter Lyons

Most likely to open a hair accessories shop on etsy:

Marlana Sirls.jpg2

Most likely to continue living with his parents way past college :

Jennifer Kropac

Most likely to be hiding something sinister underneath that smile:

Hazel Manaig

Most likely to request her own hair and make-up people:

Amanda Heckelsberg Wolfe

Most likely to star as Owen Wilson in a future biopic:

Amy Scarantino Cocca

Most likely to become easily distracted by shiny objects:

Amber Howard

Most likely to play the sympathy card:

Nicole Waerzeggers

Most likely to fall over backwards and stay that way:

OptionsLike Kim Smullen Schwab's Photos Kim Smullen Schwab

Most likely to refuse to do his homework:

Kate Smith

Most likely to become a crazy cat lady:

Laura Russell

And the winner is….

Most likely to appreciate irony:


Congratulations! You get to take home a $250 Amex gift card and more Mini Babybel cheese than you can reasonably eat in a week. Well, that might not be true because if you are anything like my family, you can put down A LOT of Mini Babybel.


Mini Babybel is 100% natural cheese which comes in seven different rich and creamy flavors— from classic Original to smooth Mozzarella style. Each serving delivers at least 4 grams of protein and 15% of your daily calcium needs – all for 70 calories or less. (See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content.)

But the best part of Mini Babybel has to be the pull tab and the wax casing. If you ever want to occupy a toddler and work on her fine motor skills— having her open a Mini Babybel cheese is the way to do it. Harlow would open them all day long if I let her.


Not only is the packaging fun, it makes Mini Babybel a perfect choice for an easy, packable lunchbox addition or snack.

If you did not win this contest, no worries— you have one more chance!

Post your funniest first day of school outtakes for the chance to win another $250 gift card and a supply of Mini Babybel cheese.

I’m not talking about the perfect first day of school photo you posted on facebook for all your friends to see. I’m talking about the one you were about to delete because your kid was holding onto a tree for dear life so you wouldn’t make him take the bus.

Something like this:


Post your photos on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or on Instagram tagging #backtoschoolbloopers and @mommyshorts. I’ll post my favorites next week and name the winner!

You can read the full rules here.


This post was sponsored Babybel, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.