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Besides diapers and wipes, every mom has different items they feel are absolutely necessary to tote around in their diaper bag. Whether this is your first baby or you’re a card-carrying professional who just popped out your fifth child, these items can tell a lot about your parenting style.

Do any of the seven moms below sound like you? Let me know in the comments and you could win a brand new diaper bag from Lily Jade.

the brand spankin’ new Mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Rosie in Brandy

Her bag is packed until the stitching strains with everything the internet, the baby books, her doctors, her friends and probably a few random strangers told her she absolutely needs to have on hand at all times. Wipes, backup wipes, five diapers, a change of clothes, Sophie, a backup Sophie, hand sanitizer, a hat, socks, a change of socks— and that doesn’t even count whatever’s in all those side pockets! Never mind the fact that she’s only going down to the end of the driveway to get the mail.

the “I saw it on pinterest” mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Cailin in Royal Purple

This mom’s baby is never bored because she’s toting all the supplies to create age-appropriate on-the-go activities whenever her child needs a little stimulation. At a restaurant? She whips out her DIY collapsible art tray with an assortment of handmade crayons. On a road trip? She’s got a puzzle made of popsicle sticks to combat boredom and homemade yogurt drops sealed in a mason jar for snacking. You can spot her easily because she’s wearing a coordinated outfit with her baby. Hand sewn of course. A peek inside her diaper bag reveals a selection of headbands decorated with over-sized felt wool flowers. Oh, didn’t you know? She sells them on Etsy.

the hover like a Helicopter Mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Caroline in Brandy

You’d better get out of this mom’s way, or risk being knocked down by her diaper bag as she rushes to reapply yet another layer of sunscreen to her toddler’s face. It’s the super thick stuff too. No easy out with a spray. She’ll be happy to give you a disinfecting wipe for your child’s hands, as long as you keep an eye on her little one for the brief millisecond her gaze is averted. Why’s her bag so heavy? Could be the fully-stocked first aid kit (you can’t be too careful!) or the 700 page book “Your Essential Guide To Kindergarten”. Sure, her baby’s barely walking but it never hurts to start your research early!

the “OH MY GOD I’m Exhausted” Mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Meggan in Black

There’s a lot of necessary items missing from this mom’s diaper bag— like diapers. And snacks. And oh crap. WHERE DOES THAT PACIFIER KEEP DISAPPEARING TO??? However, she does have plenty of other essentials, like her trusty Starbucks gift card (sadly, there’s only $0.37 left on that thing), a bottle of iced coffee (hey, there’s a special insulated pouch in there that’s made for carrying bottles!) and an oversized pair of sunglasses meant to disguise the fact that this mom hasn’t slept more than two hours since the baby was born TWO YEARS AGO.

the eco-friendly all-natural organic Mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Madeline in Red Canvas

This mom and her baby don’t need to tote around much. She’s planning to breastfeed indefinitely so meals and snacks are covered. Those bottle pouches on the side of her bag? She uses them to stuff her reusable cloth diapers until she can get them in the wash. Her ultra-safe eco-friendly detergent was concocted in her kitchen because it’s the only way she can ensure it’s truly chemical-free. Whenever boredom strikes, she pulls out an unpainted wooden toy, purchased from an artisan’s booth at a nearby farmers’ market and cleansed with essential oil-infused all-natural towelettes. The only thing smaller than her 100% cotton, dye-free portable changing pad is her baby’s future carbon footprint.


What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Sarah Grace in Gold

Just because there’s no paparazzi at the playground doesn’t mean this mom and her baby’s outing isn’t news-worthy. Or at least share-worthy. Every moment is an Instagram moment perfectly orchestrated to show the world her aspirational brand of motherhood. In addition to a wardrobe change (for both her and her baby), this mom’s diaper bag contains a selfie stick (obviously), a brush (for perfect windswept baby locks) and nail polish. You can’t hold up an ice cream cone for a close-up with a chip on your thumbnail! OH, THE HORROR.

the been there done that Mom:

What do the contents of your diaper bag say about your parenting style?

Bag Featured: Elizabeth in Camel

One glance at this mom’s diaper bag tells you she’s been around the block a time or two… or three or four. It contains one diaper, which is probably a size too small but she can make it work, and one pacifier (she’s not worried about getting those crumbs off it, because that’s what pant legs were made for). Littered with empty granola bar wrappers and broken crayons (two signs of successful parenting as far as she is concerned), this bag is may not contain wipes or clean tissues— but if she rummages around long enough she’ll probably find an old napkin, which is close enough.

Not matter what kind of mom you are, Lily Jade diaper bags are an excellent choice to fit all your essentials.

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