“I was at a doctor’s appointment and my husband was watching the kids. He was in the bathroom on what I can only assume was not a normal bathroom break. When he finally walked out, he was greeted with a winter wonderland! He called me in total shock and said, “I can’t even describe it, you have to see it for yourself.” When I finally got home, I could not believe it! The boys were just running their trucks through the flour and playing in it. My husband told me he left it so that I could take photos! Ha!” – Heather

And that’s how Brayden and Cade won the Big Mess Little Kid photo contest and earned their mom an $1000 Target gift card and a selection of products from Seventh Generation to clean up their next mess.

Congratulations, Heather! Feel free to give those products to your husband so he can clean the next one. “Wait for you to take pictures”— that’s a good one, Mr. Heather!

Brayden and Cade won by reader vote, narrowly beating out Anistyn, the girl who took a dip in a bucket of house paint.



“My husband and I were putting our house on the market and had been up late painting. I had done my best to push the lid of the 5 gallon paint bucket down (it’s really quite difficult to reseal!) and went to bed. The next morning, I was nursing my son while Anistyn played downstairs. After about five minutes, it got dead silent and I thought— I need to check on her. I had actually forgotten about the bucket of paint. I set the baby down, went down the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her. I screamed “Anistyn!!!!” and she just froze. My sister was upstairs so I yelled to her to grab my phone and bring it down. I knew I had to take a picture or no one would believe what had happened.” – Victoria

Congratulations, Victoria! Anistyn’s mess won you a $50 Target Gift Card and a selection of products from Seventh Generation.

All Seventh Generation products are natural plant-based formulas, so your kid can effectively clean up their own mess without wearing a mask and rubber gloves. Well. they couldn’t clean up these two massive messes but at least they could pretend they were helping.


In addition to All-Purpose CleanerGlass & Surface Cleaner, Tub & Tile Cleaner and Disinfecting Wipes, Seventh Generation also makes a line of natural hand soaps which use formulas free of triclosan, dyes and synthetic fragrances. So you can wash your kids’ hands after they’ve dipped them in house paint, spread them with peanut butter, drawn on them with lipstick or coated them with diaper cream, without leaving behind scary chemicals.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.31.32 AM

Four more runner-ups were awarded a $50 Target Gift Card and Seventh Generation products.

They are…



“I tried to make a giant sensory bin filled with mini macaroni, mixed beans and buried little plastic toys. I gave her scoops and ice cube trays.  Except instead of quietly exploring it, she just started throwing it and dumping it and spreading it around the carpet while Van Halen’s “Panama” played in the background (thank you Pandora).” – Brighid



“This happened while I was changing my newborn daughter. My boys were playing in their room and decided base jumping off the top bunk bed onto the beanbag chair was a good idea. I heard a loud POP, ran out of my room, saw the mess, turned back around and walked away. It took about a week, two full shop vac bags, about 4 large garbage bags, and a lot of trial and error in figuring out the easiest way to clean the beans. I’m still finding them in cracks in their beds, stuck in the baseboards, in my heating ducts, and for a while everywhere throughout my house. For awhile, every time the heat would kicked on, beans would fly into my room. As hilarious as the whole thing was, I think we’re good without a replacement chair.” – Sage



“My husband was suppose to be watching our twin daughters while I took a shower. When I got out her sister was in my bedroom with a little bit of peanut butter on her so I spent time cleaning her up. When I came out to the kitchen, I got the shock of my life seeing her sister COVERED in peanut butter! Apparently her 8 yr old brother had gotten out a new 4lb tub and left it open on the counter. She dug in and covered herself in almost half of the tub.” – Heidi



“One morning, Ava was playing quietly by herself in the living room, so I took a few minutes to start some laundry. After a few minutes, I heard a little voice coming from the kitchen saying “yummmmmmm”. I walked in the kitchen to discover my 16 month old helping herself to the chocolate pie we had enjoyed the night before. I didn’t even know she could open the fridge!” – Emily

So there you have it. Don’t go to the bathroom, leave your spouse alone with your kids, nurse the baby, put pies on low shelves in the fridge, buy economy sized tubs of peanut butter, get creative with sensory activities or paint your home.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD— check on your kids when it’s TOO QUIET.

In case your kids make a big mess anyway (and you know they will), make sure you’re stocked up on safe effective cleaning kid-friendly cleaning products.


Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this contest!