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A few weeks ago, I picked the winner for my biggest mess photo contest. It’s sad Gina Gardner Brown didn’t know about it, because she would have been a serious contender.

Back in 2004, Gina walked into the kitchen and discovered her three year-old daughter and 18 month-old son had gotten into a tub of peanut butter. She had the good sense to video tape it, although I have no idea what equipment that required because iPhones weren’t invented until three years later.

Big sister is understandably pleased with her work. How they got her baby brother clean? I have no idea. Obviously, they couldn’t just throw him out and start over, like you might with other items dirty beyond repair.

He’s about 10 years-old now. I’m guessing their still cleaning him.



Peanut butter babyThis video was taken in 2004. It is THE video that gave us our 30 Seconds of “fame.” (And an all-expense paid trip to Chicago) Emily was 3 and Ethan was 18 months at the time.

Posted by Gina Gardner Brown on Saturday, January 24, 2009