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Last week "Harry Grows Up" premiered online. It's a short film Mazzy co-starred in when she was 18mo old. One of the things that is so amazing about the movie, besides my daughter's adorable face, is somehow the director got two one-year-olds to act for the camera.

They walked where they needed to walk, they looked where they needed to look and they smiled when they needed to smile, all seemingly without adult supervision.

How did the director get two one-year-olds to tell an eleven minute story when most of us can't get our children to listen to us for one second?


We spent an entire day with him at the MOMA when all he needed to do was get the kids to sit on a bench, look at a piece of art and then touch hands. AN ENTIRE DAY.


Parents were painted out of the picture, the kids were rarely actually filmed together and several tricks like an Elmo puppet, stickers, and even what looks like A CARROT ON A STICK were used in the making of this movie.

The result is a behind-the-scenes look at "Harry Grows Up" that is almost as much fun as the full movie. Check it out:

Harry Grows Up – Behind the Scenes from Mark Nickelsburg on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen "Harry Grows Up" yet, do yourself a favor and click here