My weekly round-up scours the internet for the best stories relevant to the preschooler set. Or at least the parents of the preschooler set. This week’s news involves a pregnant woman dancing through contractions and the most polite toddler of all time.

1) 6yo ready to teach Zumba class

Six-year-old Audrey Netherly danced her booty off at the International Zumba Conference and she NAILED IT. Audrey has Diamond-Blackfan anemia, which makes her small for her age, but does not stop her from putting other Zumba enthusiasts (like my mom) to complete and utter shame.

2) Toddler Plays in Rain for the First Time

Harper Swift experienced her first summer rain this week. Instead of whining about getting wet like most toddlers I know, Harper fully embraced the inclement weather. Her reaction will make people everywhere appreciate a dreary day. I hope her dad records her first time playing in the snow, so I can feel better when the arctic tundra arrives this winter.

3) Football Team Helps Boy with Brain Disorder Score a Touchdown

Five year-old Ben Holloway from Chatsworth, Georgia has a brain disorder which has required multiple surgeries and could be fatal. His doctor recommended Ben avoid any activities that may involve head trauma, so the preschool football fan has been permanently benched from his favorite sport. But that didn’t stop the local high school football team from making Ben’s dream come true. The team got Ben his own helmet and uniform and organized a special game just for him. My favorite part is when all the players from the opposing team dramatically fall to the ground because Ben is just too fast.

Doctors told this little boy he’d never be able to play football.
The local HS football team had a different idea. ????????????

Posted by MaxPreps on Saturday, August 15, 2015


4) Kid gratefully accepts shitty avocado gift

Dad Jeff Simmons wanted to test out his son’s manners so he deliberately gave the boy an awful birthday gift. I’d say this kid passed with flying colors! My girls need to take a lesson. Mazzy once cried because her Grandma gave her a Frozen puzzle that she already owned. Gratefulness is not the easiest thing to teach.

5) British boy learns he’s gonna be a big brother

If you weren’t sure if you wanted your very own British kid, this clip should confirm that for you. A five year-old British boy gets the best news of his life (his mom has a baby in her belly) and reacts with exactly the amount of charm I’ve come to expect from my friends across the pond. I could listen to this kid’s accent ALL DAY.

6) Pregnant Woman invents New Tootsie Roll Birth Technique

Boston woman Yuki Nishitzawa is my new hero. During childbirth with her second baby, she decided to forgo pain medication and just dance her baby out. Her husband turned on some music and when Yuki felt a contraction coming, she did the Tootsie Roll to cope with the pain. Honestly, she looks way more graceful while 7cm dilated and leaking amniotic fluid than I will ever look on the dance floor. You go, girl.

The buttafly… uhn uhn thats old! Let me see your tootsie roll! Click the youtube link on my page so we can reach a million veiws!

Posted by Connell Cloyd on Tuesday, August 18, 2015


7) Harlow Claims to be a Mermaid

This week five-year-old Mazzy asked her mom if mermaids were real. Her two-year-old sister screamed “YES!” emphatically. “How do you know?” Mazzy enquired. “Because I am a mermaid,” Harlow responded. There you go. It’s confirmed: MERMAIDS ARE REAL.

Any news stories about babies, toddlers, kids I missed? Leave them below!