Anybody else still feeling nauseous after last night’s debate? I know I am. Can I just say how ridiculous it is that Trump claims not to know the women accusing him of sexual assault?? I mean, I can see him not remembering the woman from the plane (probably because he pulls shit like that all the time) but isn’t one of the women a contestant from the Apprentice? And didn’t the People reporter cover his family for years???

God, I hate that man so much.

I’d also like to say that whatever you think of Hillary Clinton (I happen to think she is incredibly qualified to be our next president), there are not many other people on this earth (except for maybe the current FLOTUS) who could remain on point, deliver coherent messages and stay strong while standing on stage with that belligerent demeaning asshole. Men included, by the way. I am really proud for my gender when I watch her, because so many women (all of them, maybe?) have had to deal with that kind of misogyny at some point in their careers. It is pretty beautiful to see it play out on such a grand stage. I mean totally nauseating and disgusting but I’m happy we have a total badass up there who can represent.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent there. Sometimes it’s hard to write a humorous parenting post when your brain is consumed with fears for your country…

What I really wanted to say is— if you need a palette cleanser from last night’s debate (clearly I do), check out Harlow dancing her heart out at her hip-hop class. If all goes how I think it will go, I’m incredibly happy that strong little girls like mine will have a woman president as their role model very soon.


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