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It took getting challenged three times for me to do it, but here it is. I will be donating to ALS anyway for four reasons.

1) It's a good cause.

2) I forgot to specifically say that it was the ALS "ice bucket" challenge and I forgot to tell the people I nominated that they have 24 hours to complete the challenge. I think I was a little concerned my kids were going to pour the water on me before I finished talking.

3) I did not do it until over 24 hours after I was first challenged.

4) I am a complete idiot for not nominating my husband.


Now, it's up to you Baby Sideburns, Suburban Snapshots and Jennifer Longworth (who is someone who always comments on my facebook page so I know she'll see it).

If you'd like to donate to ALS (whether or not you dump ice water on your head), you can do it here.


This week's giveaway winners:

Evenflo ProComfort Sympohony DLX Carseat:


Congratulations to Sabrina, who selected randlomly to win an Evenflo Symphony Car Seat! She left the following comment about her worst road trip: 

"We took a 16 hour road trip with my 10 month-old daughter and 13 year-old. My baby hates the car seat so when she wasn't sleeping she was crying. The only thing that would distract her was the theme song to Roly Poly Olie over and over. She had at least two diaper blowouts and I had to pull over on the side of the road to breastfeed her several times. It was worth it though to see my family who I only get to see once a year."

Let's hope that road trip is easier next year with your new car seat!

Boogie Wipes Back-to-School Giveaway:


Congratulations to Lindsay O (blog winner) who is praying her son won't hit, bite or rub his snot on someone on the first day of school, Michelle Gengler (facebook winner) who is hoping her girls don't have any missing-mommy-meltdowns and @brookebov, the winner on instagram.

Your kids are one step closer to wiping their own nose without you. Good luck to them on their first day of school!

Visit Boogie Wipes to check out their new 90 count pack. If your kids are anything like mine, you will need it. 

Applepark Giveaway:


Congratulations to Jennifer Lucarelli! You can now buy Max the adorable monkey blanket, the monkey PJs and the monkey plush toy you've been coveting from Apple Park. I guess your kid has a thing for monkeys? 

All winners, please contact to claim your prize!

The two giveaways still currently open are the Mighty Nest lunchbox gear giveaway and another Evenflo Symphony DLX car seat. And don't forget about the my Method ad campaign contest for the chance to win an $1000 Target gift card.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

xo, Mommy Shorts