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It’s not easy to shop for Father’s Day. Instead of making a mindless choice of jewelry, chocolates or flowers, you have to stop and think— what is my husband/father/brother/babydaddy really interested in? Does he have a hobby? Does he collect something? What is important to him? Does he have a search history you can check to see if he’s been stalking a particular product online?

Then you have to think about previous Father’s Day Gifts. Have you given him a grill set already? Have you exhausted all the golf-related options? Has he even worn the tie you bought him last year? Do you want to chance checking his search history when most likely you’ll find things you didn’t want to see and possibly a fetish or two you didn’t know existed that might want to make you remove your eyes for good?

As I said, shopping for Father’s Day is not for the faint of heart.

Dad gifts are usually thematic. For instance, if he is into baseball, he will get a piece of baseball memorabilia. And if he continues to be interested in baseball, he will get a piece of baseball memorabilia from every family member for every holiday until the day he dies. Just ask my stepdad.

So, I’ve compiled a list of stereotypical dads (the dad into sports, the dad into music, the dad who fears the Zombie Apocalypse, etc.) with hopefully a few original gifts you hadn’t considered before.

For the Dad Who Likes to Host Weekly Game Night

Gifts include: Magnetic Key Target, Cards Against Humanity, Gold Edition Playing Cards and Da Vinci Premium Poker Set .


For The Dad Who Wants to Tone His Dad Bod

Gifts Include: Vintage Gym Duffel Bag, Wireless Bluetooth Sweatproof Headphones, Power Systems Airope Pro and Fitbit HR.


For The Dad Who Likes to Unleash His Inner Geek

Gifts Include: Double Rack & Pinion Switch Plate, Laser Projection Keyboard, iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set and Apple Watch.


For the Dad Who Spends More Time in Front of the Mirror Than you Do

Gifts Include: Beard Pack Facial Hair Care Kit, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Anti-Aging Moisturizer , Six Pack of Beer Soap and Fento Deluxe Shaving Gift Set.


For the Dad Who Works out if a Home Office

Gifts Include: Quirky Cord Holder, Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar, Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug and Decision Maker Paper Weight .


For the Dad Who Knows the Difference Between a Bernaise and an Aioli

Gifts Include: Mojito Mixology Kit, Himalayan Sea Salt Block, Wooden Cookbook Holder iPad Stand, Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler and Thermoelectric Wine Cooler.


For the Dad Who Used to Be in a Garage Band

Gifts Include: Guitar Pick Punch, ‘All The Guitars In Tennessee’ Framed Art, Guitar Glasses and Coasters and Bose QuietComfort Headphones.


For the Dad Who Likes to Tailgate

Gifts Include: Safe Paperweight, Six Pack Cooler Tote, Bottle Opener Money Clip, Golf Club Grill Set and Penny Hockey Game.


For the Dad who wants to be Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

Gifts Include: John Deere Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower, The Zombie Survival Guide, Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit and Remington Chainsaw.


For the Dad Who Needs A Wardrobe Makeover

Gifts Include: Gant Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, Ben Sherman Embossed Leather Gingham Card Holder, Michael Andrews Custom Shirts and Tie by Tailored for Education*.

*Tailored for Education donates one school uniform for every tie bought.


For the Hipster Dad Who May or May not Live in Brooklyn

Gifts Include: Mason Jar Speaker Amplifier, Kombucha Brooklyn Home Brew Kit, Bicycle Wooden iPhone Case, Banned Books Socks and Fossil Estate Framed Leather Duffel.

Is there a dad stereotype I may have missed? Do you have a particularly good Father’s Day gift idea you want to share? Please leave your ideas in the comments below!


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