Yesterday, I wrote about social distancing with my mom on Mother’s Day, and have been so touched with all the photos I have seen on social media from other families who found ways to share the day with their moms and grandmas while keeping a safe distance. It seems like although we couldn’t get too close, it was still really meaningful just to be in our moms’ presence.

My friend Liz (aka @Mom101) wrote, “It hurt not to hug. But it only took a moment for the anxiety to lift. Then we could smile and talk, open gifts and make jokes about masks and bad haircuts and the crazy Social Distancing Mother’s Day we will always remember.”

I asked everyone on Facebook and Instagram to share their stories and photos of social distancing on Mother’s Day. Kaylee talked about how she was worried that her three year old daughter wouldn’t understand why she couldn’t go into her Grandmother’s house. to understand the restrictions. “The plan was to bring chalk and her chair, plus some snacks. To everyone’s surprise, Claire was fantastic! She understood why we were wearing masks, and was just happy to celebrate Mother’s Day with her ‘fam-oh-lee.”

Others talked about even tougher situations. Sammie shared that “We always visit my mom’s grave on Mother’s Day. This year was the hardest because cemeteries are closed during the confinement.”

Other moms went above and beyond to create something special for their family despite the separation. Mamie Vanlangen said, “Yesterday, my mom made a video tutorial on how to make her famous meat sauce and meatballs from start to finish (a 5 hour process) for all of us kids to learn even if we couldn’t be at her kitchen at that moment.”

And, of course, for the technically challenged, getting together was the least of their problems. It was taking the photo that proved to be an issue. Katie said, “It took my mom fifteen minutes of trying to work the selfie stick and another five minutes of figuring out how to use her front-facing camera to get all five of us in the picture.” Still, Katie says it was all worth it. “Our six-feet-apart Mother’s Day with my mom was just what we needed. I’m lucky to have a great mom who I call every day, even though there are no hugs allowed.”

I think Missy put it best when she said, “Nothing can keep us from celebrating our mom on Mother’s Day. Not even a social distance of 6 feet!”

Forget six feet. Some moms managed to get everyone in the shot, even with some family members hundreds of miles away.

Regardless of physical distance, I think you can feel the love in every one of these photos.

Love is love, even from a safe social distance.