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One day, a GoPro was just hanging out on the carpet, enjoying the scenery as GoPros do. The GoPro noticed a baby across the living room, but assumed the baby was so far away, she wouldn’t bother her. The GoPro also assumed newly mobile babies are slow and if the baby came after her, the GoPro would have ample time to escape.

But the GoPro was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Much to the GoPro’s horror, the baby had recently perfected an army crawl and could move at an alarming speed. Before any of the GoPro’s friends could scream, “BABY! BABY!!!!”, that baby moved across the carpet and consumed the poor GoPro whole.

You can watch the shocking footage below.

But don’t feel too bad for poor GoPro. I can only assume GoPro survived since she was able to post this video to YouTube.

Be careful out there, GoPro. A house with a baby on the move is a dangerous place to be.


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