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If toddlers scare you, than you DO NOT want to know what’s in store once you have a walking, talking PISSED OFF five-year-old. Not only does 5yo Saige know how to express herself, she knows if she doesn’t like it at home, she pick up her shit, pack her bags and move to her friend Jen’s house.

I wonder what Jen’s house is like… I’m thinking Jen’s mom lets Jen eat Krispy Creme donuts for breakfast. I bet Jen gets unlimited screen time and is allowed to watch Tangled on repeat all weekend. I bet Jen’s house has a pool with a slide.

Come to think of it— I’d like to “move on” to Jen’s house too.

Okay. So I was going to end the post there. But then the next video came up automatically on YouTube and HOLY CRAP, Saige’s got nothing on Brianna. Brianna is NOT PLAYIN’.

While Saige lives it up at her friend Jen’s house, Brianna is going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Okay. Saige vs. Brianna: WHO WINS?


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