Mazzy's birthday party was yesterday (more on that tomorrow, net-net: she now owns an Abby Cadabby, a tutu and the ability to fake a smile for the camera), so this means I have officially freed myself from all birthday related celebrations and can focus on the holidays. Mazzy is easy (hide eight of her birthday gifts to repurpose for Hanukah) but Mike is requesting some sort of tangible photo album that may require actual thought and a substantial amount of time.

ME: What the hell do you need a photo album for? Don't you have a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to the multi-media documentation of your daughter's life?

MIKE: Mommy Shorts is not my Hanukah gift. Sorry.

So I'm gonna start working on THAT tonight and take this as an opportunity to post my fourth episode of "The Mommy Shorts Show". (Or "Mommy Shorts: The Show"; I'm never sure how I should say it.)

It's holiday themed.

Sort of.

WARNING: This is NOT a hair tutorial. I know many of you have requested a hair demo but I fear a video of me straightening my already-pretty-straight hair with a flat iron would be the most boring video in the history of time. I will definitely attempt it at some point. But NO PROMISES.


That clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end is from the holiday classic— Jingle All The Way. The man who fell on the floor at the beginning of the clip would be SINBAD. I put it right up there with Miracle on 34th Street in terms of "holiday movie staying power". (I've actually never seen it, but for some reason the trailer has been embedded in my brain since 1996.)

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It would be the nicest holiday gift you could possibly give me.