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A little over a year ago, when Harlow was just one-year-old, she picked up her big sister’s scooter and attempted to ride it. She could barely walk at the time and couldn’t see above the handle bars, but seemed to understand what she needed to do to make it go, even if she went really slowly.

Here’s a video:

We took Harlow out a couple of times on the scooter last year (you can see another video here) but Mazzy ended up getting super possessive about it (the scooter was hers) and Harlow’s scooting came to an end.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I partnered with Micro Kickboard (that’s the maker of Mazzy’s scooter) for the @pinkinnyc giveaway. Micro Kickboard upgraded Mazzy’s scooter to a Maxi and gave Harlow her very own Micro Mini.

I don’t think any gift has made Harlow as excited in her whole short life.

At first, she was purely obsessed with using her new Micro Mini as a microphone. After all, Harlow’s favorite thing is putting on a show… but eventually we took her out on the streets of NYC. I thought there would be a slow learning curve, but Harlow picked it up immediately and was as fast as Mazzy (if not faster) in about a day. We even taught her to use the brake.

Check her out:

By the next day, not only was Harlow super quick and braking with ease, she was stopping at the corners, passing pedestrians, checking to see if we were behind her at all times and even working on some signature moves.

Seriously, Harlow was BORN TO SCOOT.

This next video was set to stock music called “Gangsta Land” because there’s nothing white moms love more than street cred downloaded for free online. Check out my girl’s tricks. They’re subtle, but they are definitely there.

Because Harlow is SO AWESOME at scooting, Micro Kickboard is reviving our giveaway! So if you didn’t win a Maxi through @pinkinnyc, perhaps you can win a Mini through @insta2yearold.


Today, I am giving away five Micro Kickboard Mini scooters to people who upload photos of their kids to the #microshowoff hashtag!

Photos can be kids showing off their skills in any capacity— jumping in the pool, climbing the kitchen counter, perfecting warrior pose, stacking a ridiculously tall tower of blocks, etc.

To enter, post a photo on the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage or to the #microshowoff hashtag on Instagram. If you enter on Instagram, make sure to tag and follow both @microkickboard and @mommyshorts. You can read the official rules here.

The Micro Mini has smooth wheels, a low-to-the-ground deck, easy braking and flexible fiberglass which absorbs bumps in the sidewalk, making it the highest rated scooter for pre-schoolers and kindergartners.  Micro Kickboard is the US distributor of the world’s best scooters and kickboards for children and adults of all ages. Their scooters are fuel-free, foldable and smooth gliding with an elegant Swiss design that is leading the revolution in personal transport for urbanites and suburbanites alike.

Five winners will be announced on June 3rd.

I can’t wait to see your little show-offs!


This post was sponsored by Micro Kickboard, but awesome scooting toddler is my own.