#Rewardyourselfie Giveaway: 14 Ergobaby NEW Mama Nurture Packs

It’s no secret I have always loved my Ergobaby Carrier— a glowing review was one of my very first posts on Mommy Shorts almost five years ago— so I feel like everything has come full circle, now that I am partnering with them on a big Mother’s Day giveaway.

Honestly, I give the Ergo a lot of credit for making my experience with new motherhood a good one. Mazzy loved being in the Ergo, so I could take her anywhere for extended periods of time. If she needed to fall asleep, she’d take a nap in there. If she woke up after the nap was over, being attached to my chest was the perfect way for her to readjust to the day. I’d put her in the carrier at home when she seemed unable to relax on her own or when she wanted to be held and I had laundry to do. I’d take her on walks around the neighborhood with just a credit card, some cash and a pacifier in the little pocket on the front. Being unburdened by a stroller made me feel free and eased my transition from childless person to full-time mom.

Mazzy was probably in the carrier more often than she was not, and I kept that thing in rotation well after she was two. Harlow used the carrier a ton in her first year, but then wanted to walk on her own. (Although, she was very excited to give it a whirl again when I asked her to pose with me for this post.)

With both my girls, I was more than a little sad when I stored the Ergo back in the closet. The feeling of my baby so close, even while I was outside on the streets of Manhattan, was one of my favorite feelings on earth. I loved grabbing their little feet as I walked, rubbing their back, easily kissing the top of their head. I loved conversing softly with them while out and about without calling too much attention to myself. I loved feeling them breathe as they slept. I loved their little arms wrapping around my sides and my back— first limp and then as they got older, with intention. When it was too sunny or when they’d fall asleep, I’d put the adjustable hood over their head so they could be in the shade. When it was too cold, I’d attach a fleece cover to the top, always feeling like I was carrying my own little secret under my coat.

I have never been a very confident mother, but in those times, with my babies safely nestled against my chest, right under my chin, I felt like I was doing something right. I was offering them closeness while doing what I wanted to do too. It was an easy way to show my love and feel theirs back.

I wish I had pictures of me carrying either Harlow or Mazzy around in my Ergo but all I could find was one of Mazzy with my head cropped out.


Back then, I didn’t know one day I would want to see myself in all the pictures from when my babies were small, which brings me to today’s giveaway, the reprisal of my Mother’s Day photo contest— #rewardyourselfie.

As moms, we take pictures of our kids ALL DAY LONG, but rarely do we turn the camera on ourselves. Which is a shame because ten years from now, when you look back at the photos of your life with your family, I imagine you’ll want to see yourself in a few.


Otherwise, your newborn baby might reach the teen years, look back at his baby pictures and think— so, at what point did you arrive in my life, Mom? Did Dad give birth to me? Did my big sister raise me? Did you just show up on your birthday to blow out the candles every year and then retreat back into a hole until the next year? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

In an effort to document just how present we are in our kids’ lives, this Mother’s Day, I’m asking everyone to turn the camera on themselves and take a selfie with their children. It can be a happy selfie, a sad face selfie, a duck face selfie, a blurry selfie— just make sure you are in it.

Here are some of my favorite photos from last year:


If you post your selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #rewardyourselfie, tagging and following both @mommyshorts and @ergobaby, you could win one of 14 “New Mama Nurture Packs” which include some of the newest products from Ergobaby, along with their original carrier that I hold so close to my heart.


The New Mama Nurture Packs includes…

1) Ergobaby Wrap – Pepper

The Ergobaby Wrap is perfect for newborn snuggles and your first trip out of the house (in yoga pants, of course!) to go to a cafe or a walk around the block after baby is born.

2) Ergobaby Original Carrier – Indigo Mint Dots

The original carrier with a special design from Kristina Meltzer of 100 Layer Cakelet (available May 28th), which was the winning entry in Ergo’s design contest last year. 

3) NEW Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

The Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow gives you the enduring support you need to relax, nurse comfortably and bond with baby.

4) Ergobaby Swaddler – Elephants

Swaddling helps your baby (and you) sleep more soundly and peacefully. The Ergobaby Swaddler is the first step towards a good night’s sleep!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be able to offer 14 of these packs from Ergobaby to 14 of my readers— one a day to my favorite photos in the #rewardyourselfie hashtag (new photos and US only). I truly believe they are life-changing products that will help all women with new babies have a smoother and happier adjustment to motherhood.

I know that’s what the Ergobaby carrier did for me. No snark. Just a fact.


Maybe Harlow (who still falls under the 45 lb. weight limit) will even start letting me use the carrier again.

Fingers crossed.


This post was sponsored by Ergobaby, but I have been a proud user for the past five years.