I started another Instagram account. Yes, I know, I’ve already got three others and you don’t need more of my family taking up all the space in your feed, but HEAR ME OUT.

This account is different.

It’s called @averageparentproblems and it’s proving to be an excellent place to use all the funny parenting photos I have collected over the past five years. Photos that show the plethora of problems your average parent runs into on a daily basis.

What kind of problems, you ask?

1) Toy Problems



2) Stuffed Animal Problems

average parent problems9


3) Feminine Hygiene problems

average parent problems15


4) Getting out the door problems

average parent problems2


5) New Baby Problems

average parent problems3


6) Game Playing Problems

average parent problems4


7) Mall Problems

average parent problems5


8) permanent marker Problems

average parent problems6


9) Selfie Problems

average parent problems10


10) Balloon Problems

average parent problems11


11) restaurant Problems



12) Even worse restaurant problems

enjoy your meal


13) Sharing Problems

average parent problems12


14) Phone Problems

average parent problems13


15) Co-sleeping Problems

average parent problems14


16) Stroller problems

average parent problems18


17) changing table problems

diaper cream


18) Wardrobe problems



19) Safety Problems



20) Dad problems



21) Tub Problems



22) new skill problems



23) Art Problems



24) School picture Problems



25) Playroom Problems

average parent problems20

If you want more average parent problems, I highly suggest you follow @averageparentproblems on Instagram. You can even submit photos of your own with the hashtag #averageparentproblems for the chance to get featured. Or post them on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page.

But if you consider yourself even slightly above average, this Instagram feed is probably not for you. You’d like @aboveaverageparentproblems where parents complain about their kale getting cold because they were in the middle of an exciting homeschool lesson… but I promise, that account does not exist. Yet.


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