Mazzy is growing up quick. Barely five seconds behind the wheel of a car and she has already developed a massive case of road rage. This week's caption contest will be judged by the last caption contest's winner, Natasha. Natasha was also one of the winners of last week's Jaxxwear Giveaway, which means that Natasha has officially reaped more rewards from this site than I have. The winner of the this week's caption contest will judge next week's and so on and so forth. Winner will be announced end of day tomorrow. Have at it!

UPDATE: Natasha (@hellonatashao) has spoken and she has named Nic from My Bottle's Up as the undeniable winner. Her caption was: "THAT WAS A YIELD JACKASS!" Natasha said it made her laugh out loud. I love it cause it's short and easy to add to the headline. Natasha gave the runner-up spot to Heidi from Madame Paradox. Heidi wrote: "Take a good look at the eyes on the front of this ride asshole cause now they are glued to your motherfraking bumper". I thought there were a lot of other equally strong contenders but I'm not judging— literally. Nic, queen of expletive laced brevity, the torch has been passed to you. Get ready to judge the next one!